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4/17/2004 c1 368EWindheim
Love...how it is never what we make it out to be. It conquers all, and murders all. Anyway...great poem. I like the line about being blown back out to see. Only suggestion is to fix a few spelling errors and maybe add a bit of punctuation.
4/17/2004 c1 Songwing
wow... *sniffles* luvluvluvluvluv! and i identify w/too... i just love poetry and all the cool people out there...
4/17/2004 c1 JohnnyGodfather
Your entry is a marvalous Masterpiece of masterful mastery.
If I could choose between having all the wonders of the world suddenly reavealed before my eyes, and reading one sentence of this entry, I would hesitate, and then choose this entry.
Your work is beautiful, and gives reason for the light to shine if only to see it.
To celebrate this entry, I will be fasting throughout monday and most of tuesday.
R&R my entries! Peace!

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