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for What I Want in a Guy

9/15/2007 c1 Diamandis
Tall, dark and handsome will always win, in my opinion. Keep up the good job.
9/4/2007 c11 2Lady of Confusion
i really like your story! its great! you should UPDATE SON!
9/4/2007 c11 nooneanymore
Well, I like this! *grins* About the poll - I prefer Zac. Seriously, he's so sweet! Even though Zane is too, and he and Sunny get along well, I just prefer Zac! So, please add my vote to the Zac-lovers XD

About this - oh wow Christiana! *shudders in fear* She tied Zac to a chair and and and- XD Wow!

Sunny seems like such a nice character. Seriously, I like her a lot! And her relationship with Zac is
8/24/2007 c11 13FM Radio
This is an amazing story! I wanna know what happens next! You haven't updated for almost a year, which is absolutely horrid. I really really really really hope you update soon!
8/14/2007 c11 Angababe
i loved this chapter. and its nice to see him out of the nice boy facade. please update soon. :D
7/18/2007 c11 18found.eventually

actually, zane reminds me of a friend of mine.

well, he is pretty much a heart breaker, and i don't really want Sunny to get hurt.

so yay, zac! =)
7/14/2007 c11 1Broken Wrist
Hola! I would be one of those 'new' readers u so fondly spoke of, I have just one this to say:


I vote ZANE.

7/3/2007 c11 2mia5081
new reader here!

i love your story, and even Christiana is kinda funny, a little stalkerish but funny. i hope Harley and Ray-Ray end up together, they're so cute. as for the main characters...Zane, Zac and Sunny...i'm so confused. I don't know who to vote for, i'm practically switching back and forth during every chapter...maybe one vote for each? hehe

update soon please!

6/30/2007 c11 polly
hey! great story!& um...i really don' know wat the on-going poll is for but can i vote for both zane & zac? coz they're both awesome,& i cant choose!:D anywayz,plz,plz,plz, pretty plz with a cherry on top update soon!
6/26/2007 c11 KelseyBell910
This is so great! i love it. =] Continue soon. =]
6/25/2007 c11 Mira Green
Poke. Excuse me? Are you going to update this piece of art work or will I have to imagine the ending? I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! You must update! Please? I love all your guys! Zane and Zac...And I love the rest of them...they're adorable. please update...if not for me...for Zane! :D
6/24/2007 c11 4avoidingreality
how long has it been seriously since you wrote this? It's good (i mean i stayed up until 3 reading it) and i vote zane - bad boys forever! keep it up and PLEASE update soon
6/20/2007 c3 4Riku E. Fallon
Liked the phone dialogue between Zac and Zane, that was cute.
6/16/2007 c11 emrevolemina
Ok umm could this stand as 11 reviews since it would result to 11 chapters? :D

anyway PLease update soon I vote for Zane..

Zac is to ... Ewwy.. Updates!
6/7/2007 c11 1Rachael Rin
I l-a-hove this story. See I care for it so much it deserves an a and h in the word love to express how I feel. Totally put me on the Zac team, I mean Zane is cool and all, but I haven't really seen his romantic-hotness side yet. Zac is so cute, and Christina is so funny scarring little boys, she reminds me of me! Haha. The story is so descriptive, I can imagine what everyone looks like in my head. I'm excited to see what happens later. Nikki is the creepy lady stalking Zane right? This story is so amazing, please update. Wow. This was a long review...
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