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for What I Want in a Guy

6/6/2007 c11 urjellingcauseimevil
Zane. he rocks. and make IT HAPPEN. UPDATE U FOOL. its been like a year. im dying here!
6/1/2007 c9 2Meg Wren
huney, just wondering, are you from the South?
5/30/2007 c11 3Allison Smith
Seriously? she's with ZAC? no. they don't fit together. it's too weird. like... I don't know. just kind of like they have better chemistry as friends than as boyfriend and girlfriend.

ZANE... now there's a man who's sexiness should be illegal. m. and if you don't give him to Sunny...well that's a shame, but I'D take him. hehe.
5/29/2007 c11 6givelifeyurall
i vote...zane only because it seems like christiana and zac have something going on, i mean who gets that mad at someone over a little thing. zac and sunny...seem off in personality too, but they still are really cute together
5/25/2007 c10 mgviangradof2008
wow, this is such a great story! And I vote for Zane!
5/20/2007 c11 velle
Hi! I just came across your story and read it right from the very start to your latest updated chapter! Haha. Can't say it wasn't enjoyable reading it for that whole...what, three-four hours? :p Anyhows, I like ZANE! Although Zac would fit Sunny more in terms of that whole college boyfriend age, I still prefer Zane. :] Well, love the story on the whole with its twists and turns of plot!
5/17/2007 c11 4Limera

haha...NOT ZACH..

but what does zane stand for?
5/13/2007 c11 1readaholic
amzing story! Hope you continue it! =]
5/6/2007 c11 ohmigosh
Love it
5/3/2007 c11 3SkateForLife
Wow, Christiana is REALLY annoying haha. But yeah, good story, hope you update soon!
4/30/2007 c11 WistfulRequiem
I like this story, and can't help but vote for Zane. =)
4/27/2007 c11 kiralila
update! can we vote more than once?

i don't know... about who anymore. i mean now that she's girlfriend of zac, she seems really happy and doesn't comment on zane anymore... but does she really not feel attracted to him?

that's hard to say...

i know that you have a fav b/t the 2. u might not want to say but it's impossible to not have one. trust me i've tried.

i hope you don't hurt on too much! continue! update!
4/27/2007 c9 kiralila
i can't believe that more people vote for zane! i am definitely for zac and sunny. i mean he knows her better and i think that he can prove her wrong about that dark and mysterious theory of hers. definitely. and the age difference is less. i mean i guess u could get zane with kristen, but that might be awkward...

sorry that i'm too lazy to log in.

i love this story. no wonder u have so many reviews. you seriously deserve them. keep up the good work!
4/27/2007 c6 kiralila
you know i would feel so bad for Zac if the reviews decided that Zane should win.

i love this story. i mean i also like the dark and mysterious look, but i mean it would mostly depend on personality. i would go out with a typical blue eye blond hair guy if he's nice and funny. can't be ugly of course ;)
4/23/2007 c11 andsomecallitlove
omgosh i choose zac! hes sucha cutie! with a temper but a sweet little cutiee!
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