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4/22/2007 c11 Psycho's Angel
ZANE ZANE ZANE he seems so nice and i love older guys ...lol sorry over reaction but its because my boyfriend is like zane tall dark hot and a trouble maker...no tattoos or piercings...yet ;) needs the money first but i ,love the story and i hope u finish and deffinitly ZANE, Zac to much of a friend
4/22/2007 c11 lucky2606
I have to say I prefer Zane to Zac. I think there is more attraction and chemistry between Zane and Sunny than between Zac and Sunny. It always seems to be a bit akward between the two of them.

Love the story!
4/18/2007 c11 1yukikaza
Zac, without a doupt. and what is zane running from?
4/17/2007 c11 desperada
PLEASE! i'm begging you to update. see, i made a mistake printing this story for myself since i don't like reading from the computer screen.. but i was really interested in the story that i didnt check if it was complete yet.. so i went ahead and printed the unfinished story.. so that pile of paper might just sit there collecting dust if you don't finish the story.. i'm an impatient girl.. who loves your story so i am begging.. (oohh. sounded like a bitch there.. sorry.. i just hate myself for making these mistakes..)
4/11/2007 c11 RunBabyRun
I LOVE YOUR STORY! UPDATE! Now! It's obvious that your slowly making Zane and Sunny get together in different ways but I think it's kindda sad that Zac loves Sunny so much if it's not gonna turn out. Are you gonna make him fall for Christiana.. What kindda name is Christiana anyways. Feel sorry for her.. Anyways.. 1 vote for Zane. His name is weird as well, where do you get those wird names.. its funny how so many writers on fictionpress find complicated names for their characters, you can almost ecpect them to be named something funny. Maybe its cuz theyr own parents named them all Mary.. ANYWAYS (again), my name is Ariel. and for the second time.. I LOVE your story.
4/8/2007 c11 6DragonFaeLynn
Awe, this story is so cute. I like the angle you took with it. It's slightly different, but still cute. Please continue with this story. I really like it and if you're still wanting oppinions on the poll, I think Zac and Christiana are M.F.E.O (meant for each other) Although, I think Zac is really cool and he's the proper age for Sunny. Personally, I have no idea. Zane's the hotter of the two, but Zac is Zac. Put me down for a Zaccer, I guess. *sigh* If only something like this would happen to me. Haha, as if. :D Well, like I said, good story please update soon. Take care~
4/7/2007 c11 Guest
Zac all the way!
4/6/2007 c11 2codyismypup
Zane, Zane. he's my man, if he can't win, nobody can!

er...Zac Is absolutely adorable. I'd date him in a millisecond. But I've always liked bad boys better.

I just found this story again, so when you update, I'll be watching and waiting. If only that didn't sound so weird and stalkerish...

Um...I think Christina isn't that bad. Sometimes you write her as being kind of cool. Could she be put in a different light?

I hope you update soon! I miss this story!
4/4/2007 c11 1Annatari
Zane! Like, seriously. And Zac and Christiana should fall in love. It makes no sense, but no one said love had to make sense. :D Great story!
3/27/2007 c3 ess3sandra
score, indeed. i laughed hard and long at that one, hehe. good work girlie, indeed well done.
3/27/2007 c2 ess3sandra
dramatic, you you cliff hanger biach, lol.
3/27/2007 c1 ess3sandra
oo, hot boy toy, or should i say toys? =D
3/26/2007 c11 oopas
zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac zac please? :)

great story, by the way.
3/24/2007 c11 Skive
New reader ;)

I have to say I'm on team Zac, though I love Zane too! It would be too complicated for Sunny to get with Zane, and I would hate for Zac to get hurt :P

Though I have a feeling that the story's steering near Mr Badboy Zane..

Either way, big fan of the story.

Update soon!

-Summer Fling
3/23/2007 c11 7thepiemaster
Zane. Anyways, the story is awesome! Can you update? Please?
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