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3/22/2007 c11 AnswerKey
This story is wonderful! So funny! I loved how you ended chapter 11 with a sort of cliffhanger, making readers want to keep reading. By the way, I vote for Zane!
3/18/2007 c9 neon-notions
I vote Zane! He's hot. Zac is just too...normal, sterotypical jock. Zane adds a little spice, and something interesting to the story. I like this story!
3/15/2007 c11 Evenstar1389
I was for Zane at first...but since she got together with Zac, it would take much angst and uncomfortableness to get them together... so i say Zac..

do u like names starting with Z? lol I like them too, it has a nice ring to it... btw Sunny is the name of my classmate (though he's a guy) and we make jokes like Sunny, go away, it's too hot XD when the sun is burning down on our PE/gym lessons
3/10/2007 c11 1Nerdette
Zac or Zane?
2/28/2007 c11 3Geeky Punk
zane! zane is perfect for sunny!
2/18/2007 c9 HmongTuasNthi
and yet again, Zane! =D gotta love him!
2/17/2007 c7 HmongTuasNthi
still voting for zane, at least for now. xD
2/17/2007 c4 HmongTuasNthi
Zane! xD
2/13/2007 c11 Holly Harper
Later in the story are you gonna have Zane and Sunny together? because that would probably be better. Please update soon!
2/9/2007 c11 books4me
No! I just read the whole thing in one go. Why did it have to stop there? Hehe.

Zane, definitely. Zac is a bit too sweet, if you know what I mean...

I look forward to reading more,

* Books4mE *
2/6/2007 c11 crimsonbloodlove
Zane definatly


I agree with theses people *points down* SO UPDATE PLEASE!
2/4/2007 c1 NeRDywEiRD0
2/4/2007 c11 8Crazy.Until.Proven.Otherwise
Well, I just have one thing to say.

You need to update VERY soon.

There, I said it. All those who agree, raise your right hand and say, "I!"

*Listens as crowd says "I!"*

Okay, I've finished picking on you.

O I wanna be Sunny! She's so pretty, has two gorgeous guys lusting after her, and and and, she gave a guy a black eye! GO GIRL POWER!

I've stopped ranting, no need to fear.

Christina, how can I mock thee? Well, you aren't different, you're just like every other wannabe goth/emo girl who reckons she's hot and loves teasing people to the point of explosion/eruption/any other 'e' word.

Zane~ Poster boy for 'Hott, Sexy and Dangerous'. Apply within.

Zac~ On the cover of Cleo, 'The Cutest Guy Ever! Get a date, apply within'.

Harley...Hehe, he's named after a motorbike! How could he do that to Ray-Ray? Grr, I'll punch him I will *punches imaginary character* All done! Truce! I did that once, the most fun ever. Or, you hold hands loosely and say "lets jump on three!"...You can guess the rest. It's quite fun, and works every time.

Corey, can we call in my little brothers image please? If he got any more embarrassed I swear I could see him turning into a tomato, and then I'd have to throw him at someone- But I digress.

Once again, you have to update soon. Soon being very soon. Very soon being very very soon. Very very soon being almost now.

Love and cookies (only if you update, I love this story!)


P.S My vote's with Zane! ZANE ZANE #1 ZANE ALL THE WAY!

Yes, rambling person is going now.

Bye bye!
1/29/2007 c11 SuziQ
Man! Zac does have a temper doesnt he. But, as you said - everyone cant be nice all the time. I love the way you've characterised zane tho - especially the descriptions - he sounds hot! I would be fantastic if she ended up with Zane.

Looking forward to the next chapter - im sure it will be worth waiting for.

1/25/2007 c11 1Imprisoned wit No Restrictions
aw Zac is soo sweet. Zane is too crazy for any sensible girl, yeah i mean, every girl wants a challege, but hes to great of one. Maybe if he werent as crazy he is, you should keep Christiana in the story i really do think that Zane and her make a cute couple. I just dont see Zane and Sunny working. The American Boy works just fine for most girls, jk, but serioulsy Zac sounds soo sweet, and i dont know what this little poll is about, but i think Zac and Sunny stay together, but yes as every couple has they should have problems in their relationship that will prove that they stay together.

Sunny & Zac Fan

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