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for What I Want in a Guy

1/25/2007 c11 4slee5133
omg omg omg. i read the whole thing all afternoon. i luv it! pls finish it!
1/22/2007 c11 nickyk89
Zane... 100% Zane.
1/12/2007 c11 bookworm
update!luv ur story...

i really lyk zane! zane n sunny forever!
1/6/2007 c11 ed-misery
love your story

you're a great writer!. i would probably give my vote to Zac right now...but might change my mind later. =]

nice ending to the chapter too. keen for the next one.
12/26/2006 c11 Anonymous
This is a really great story! Good job for having such wonderful characters. I think Zac is a little too perfect knight in shining armor, so I'll go for Zane. 100% Zane, because who would like someone better than you? Haha. Just kidding, I love Zane because I think a dark knight in shining armor is way better than a pretty boy knight in shining armor. I'm sorry for calling one of your characters a pretty boy! :D Anyways, good luck!
12/23/2006 c11 xo-pauli-ox
hay! ooh i lyk! hmm i lyk... zac?... buhh zane sounds hot -pouts- hard choice... =P nice work! update soon! xx pauli
12/21/2006 c11 1Kiara Asukara
This is such an amazing story, I absolutely love it so far!OH, and I definitely vote for Zac as far as who Sunny should be with. They are incredibly cute together... I was "aww"-ing throughout this ENTIRE story, I swear. I can't wait for your next update! ~Kaitlin
12/20/2006 c1 youpin
Good story.
12/17/2006 c11 2shotbyanepoch
Christiana is like a slightly darker and sluttier version of Janis Ian from Mean Girls.
12/10/2006 c11 2MiscellaneousMe
ZANE...if ur still countin and this is really funny..hope to read more soon =)
12/1/2006 c11 16Enigmatic Night
Hey you probably already know, but your story is nothing short of amzingly addictive.. didn't stop until I'd read all 11 chapters hehe.

You had some typos in there, but meh... Your characters are funny, lmao Christiana is a nice piece of work... Satanic Pyro-Maniac..lol

Um.. I'm rooting for Zane... I don't know... I just am.

There were bits in there that made me nearly spit up my coffee onto the computer screen.. an amazing feat I assure you.

Sunny... she tends to supress certain emotions huh? Oh well, hehe tomboys rule! I like how she can hold her own, prime example being the black eye she gave that Dustin?

One thing.. it might be me, but I sometimes find myself with an influx of names and characters and losing track.. sorry but sometimes it's a bit of an overload... but that could just be me so... meh

Zac... up until chap 11 he's been slightly mary-sue-ish...I don't know I guess it's just because he's been shown in the Mr PErfect light up until now...other than that he's somewhat believable. His temper was a nice touch...

Zane... I like him, but sometimes he seems too suave to be true, however he also seems like he's harbouring some dark -I dunno- secret or something... It's cool how you have something that we glimpse about him (the mysterious girl...who is she?) every now and then.. I like that he can admit to missing his family.

Christiana... I (for some inane reason) like her character. She's uh very different.. hehe scary and yet cool...I kind of don't like how she dismissed Sunny straight away..but considering the kind of person she looks to be, it's predictable.

Well.. I can't think of anything else other than...

update soon! lol

Smile...makes people wonder whether you're a sociopath.

12/1/2006 c11 3The Roarke Experiment
O...finally! I've been waiting for ages! When is the next chapter? I'm dying to know what'll happen, great job by the way! I'm voting for Zane! ZANE ZANE ZANE!
11/30/2006 c1 Adurna
Sunny Fields? Are you kidding me? That's actually the worst name I've ever heard, other than Ponyboy. But that's beside the point.

Sisters are way closer, too. Everybody loves their sister at least a little bit. There's no way one would be totally nice and pretty and the other's pretty but a total bitch and/or whore.
11/21/2006 c11 40Tell Me Tall Tales
More! I must have more! lol, I want to know what this mystery is that's making Zane consider leaving Berkely - cuz I'm with Sunny, It's Berkely! I'd kill to have it on my resume lol.
11/21/2006 c11 nyteMARES
hey. awesome story so far. im definately adding it to my alerts and will be keeping a look out for updates. *hinthint* lol. and my vote goes to zane for sunny to be with. im all for the tall dark and dangerous. m... zac and christiana should ge together. y'know, opposites attract and all that. cant wait for more. oh, and im a fellow aussie. yay. us folk need to stick together ;) haha. update soon!
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