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for What I Want in a Guy

11/20/2006 c11 hellokittygirl
Wow. Your story is really unique. haha. Um, right now, I don't know who Sunny should end up with. Uh, I really don't. I think I'm going for Zac though. =D

Update soon!

11/18/2006 c1 3Da Vinci at Work
It's kind of odd. Sunny doesn't exactly know the guy and he's already asking her what she wants in a guy. Scary...
11/18/2006 c11 4Jacquleine Schaeffer
Great story. Love it love it love it! My personal favorite part was the Groucho Marx joke with the glasses. Hilarious! Update SON!


P.S. ZAC all the way baby! I am 100% for him even after the outburst. I'm surprised more people don't like him! I love Zac...even though Zane has good qualities, Zac seems a lot sweeter to me. Meh, I've just gotten over my bad boy phase I guess...anyway...my vote for Zac. Update soon!
11/16/2006 c11 Rei
I have to say that Zac is really sweet, he seems like he'd be almost the perfect boyfriend. The way you've gone about writing this could lead to Sunny ending up with either, good job on that... personally I've found that to be difficult to pull off without ruining the story, but you've done it fantastically.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter- no rush though, it's quality that counts, not quantity.

Also, I think Sunny should end up with Zane. They seem like they'd make a really good couple, and it helps that he fits the description of what I want in a guy as well, only he's missing a lip ring, lol.

11/11/2006 c4 12Genesis Rose
I have read up until chapter four, and what I have read so far I like. Normally I don't go for realistic fiction, but this one really pulled me in. You probably have decided which Sunny will/has fall(en) for, but if I had read this when it was first posted, I would definitely have voted for Zane...

BTW- I had a pet rabbit named Sunny once... so this is almost amusing to read. Every time I see 'Sunny', I think of a white rabbit...

_Genesis Rose
11/6/2006 c11 2Lily-007
first i wanna say : team zane all the way

i've been surprised to read this chapter cuz you hadn't updated in a long time but that's good to welcome you back.

keep it up girl and hopefully have a little chapter ready for us to read as soon as possible.

ps team zane ( lol )

christianna would be an interesting match for zac, with all the tensions between them and all!
11/4/2006 c11 Cathryn
Zac...definetly. I like Zane and all, but I think Zac is better. And I feel so sorry for Corey!

Love the story,

11/1/2006 c11 1goodbyemylover
i like Zac better...he's so cute. but the whole temper thing, was deffinitely uncalled for.

very cute story though, keep it up, i love it!
11/1/2006 c11 Another Lone Stranger
oh update! i cant wait to see... um... read, what happens next!

p.s. i think im leaning more towards zac ;)
10/30/2006 c11 1Quilver
I just have to say that I think your story is really great.

And, of course, I feel I should put my vote in. Lol.

Hmm...I love Zac, he is a sweetheart.

But...I think I love Zane more. He is...hott.

Yeah. Zane all the way.
10/28/2006 c11 1violet-eyez
christina likes zac?

and i vote 4 zane
10/28/2006 c11 kawaii-cat
10/28/2006 c11 Nightshades-Jade
This chapper really brought out another side of Zac. I like that because a person who always is nice is so ...boring. Im glad that you decided to continue this awesome story. and if the poll is still open I shall vote for ZANE!
10/27/2006 c11 Anonymous
I liked it. It has an appeal to it :]

Although after Sunny became Zac's girlfriend

she seemed to loose her. . . personality.

I don't know if it's the nervousness, whcih

she doesn't seem to exclude, about dating her

very first exclusive boyfriend and whatnot

but she seemed, as a character, to loose that

energetic, sarcastic, and witty persona she seemed

to exude. She seems to be moldeing into that "attending"

girlfriend mold a little too much. Of course it's good

, however, maybe you should tone it down a notch. I also

don't think that you should have held a poll, whether or

not that you knew which boy she would end up with regardless,

it makes people assume that the one which wins would in fact

win the heart of the heroine. And the people who have voted

for the boy they felt should win fair lady's heart will

be terribly dissapointed. The vote in itself makes it seem

as though you are indecisive about the relationships being

withheld and would make people later think that you have no clue

ad to where the plot will lead.

Trust me I know firsthand the things people will say and so forth.

Think of this as a little foreshadowing, you should adamantly

tell people that this pool DOES NOT include the final decission/


All in all, I find this story absolutely charming and so far

I have enjoyed every minute of it. Please do not, in any way shape or form, consider this a flame. It is merely constuctive critisism from one FFP writer to another :]

I cannot wait for the next chapter


P.S-Forgive me for the eternally long review :]
10/26/2006 c7 9betalight
Yeah, I just reviewed Ch 11 and DIDN'T vote, so I had to backtrack to a chapter I hadn't reviewed yet, which is why this is here, and not where it's supposed to be, but anyway, I vote Zane, cuz he's totally cooler! Just thought I'd put that out there.
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