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for What I Want in a Guy

10/26/2006 c11 9betalight
Yay! You kept writing! I'm glad. I really like the characters in this story, they're real to me. So it's nice that they didn't die out. Christiana is fun. And I'm glad you added a new side to Zac, it makes him more interesting. I really like the way this plot and all of the great characters pull you in. Keep going!
10/26/2006 c11 dramaqueen89
update soon! i really want zane for sunny. he is so hot and the abdy boy image really does it for me. :D
10/26/2006 c11 Lisa
the way you've written the summary points to her liking zane in the beginning but then getting together with zac and staying with zac...

but ZANE IS BETTER! HE's AWESOME! I LOVE HIS CHARACTER AND PERSONALITY...that's just my personal opinion


plus... older guys are so much cooler than younger guys.. esp in highschool. i can't wrap my head around dating a younger guy in high school.. esp if he was in the same grade as your younger sister.. that's just a little sick and twisted to me.. but if they really liked each other then yeah...i guess it could be acceptable but in this case i think she's just confused cos he forced his feelings onto her..

also atm i have a bias against blonde guys... and i've always like tall dark dangerous.. i mean who hasn't..

so i would really really really like for sunny to get with zane in the end..

even if she stays with zac for ages..

although if you don't then i can't really say anything.. it's your story..although i don't know how'd you'd make her be with zac in the end.. unless they just stayed together the whole time.. which would get a bit boring.. or they broke up for a bit but then people would expect a fling with zane..that could possibly develop into something more.. so either way i can't see her getting with zac..unless this whole nicky twist has something that will help the story in zac favour.. i sure hopw it doesn't.. i heart zane.. lol and i would love for him to get with sunny..

i really like you style of writing.. i'm not sucking up to you btw.. i've always found it hard to do a poll answer and praise in the one review cos it's sounds like you're trying to sway the writer in your favour... but yeah fic press is gay and you can only post one review every however long..


thanks for your time.. i love your story

10/24/2006 c11 1Mila J
I love this story so much! L0l. I really want Zane and Sunny to get together but it seems like he doesn't care all that much for her. But at the same time I hope that Zac and Sunny stay together because they make such a cute couple! But for some reason I want Zane to get all jealous and Sunny leaves Zac for him (shrugs). I don't know yet but please update soon because I'm dying to know who she ends up with!

L0ts 0f l0ve,

10/23/2006 c11 DOQUIE
vote 1 for zane
10/18/2006 c11 Lauren
Poll Vote: Zane.

Awesome update! Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/18/2006 c11 7BITT3RSW33T
ZAC ZAC ZAC!~ My vote counts as a million because I love Zac! heh Update soon!
10/18/2006 c11 12Insanity Da Best Policy
Hm...should I...shouldn't I? Okay. I've made my decision! ZAC ZAC ZAC ZAC ZAC! No way am stepping down on that. Are you sure you're not adding a few polls for Zane yourself? Hmp. XD

Poor li'l' Christina. Should she remind me of Evanescence? She did though...I don't think she's all that punky though, I mean, you know. By heart? Yeah.

I have/had a feeling that Sunny doesn't like Zac as much as he loves her. Huh. Can I have Zac then? PUHLEASE? Heh. Please return soon! We await your return. Maybe I'll give you a candy! Now hurry up with the next chapter! No more AWOL!


10/17/2006 c11 5Menebar
Heya, it's been a while, a long while. GOSH! Hope you've had a good break. Good chapter, it took me a while to remember who the characters were, ended up re-reading the last chapter. Hope to see another chapter soon. Keep up the good work. Oh & I wont be updating any of my stories for probably a long time, I've got a full time music commitment, but I kinda wanna write another chapter, so yeah. Hope to hear from you soon with another great chapter to this awesomely amusing story! XOXO!
10/17/2006 c11 maddening
I'm too lazy to sign in, but I have to say... Zane. That's all. I like Zac okay, but he kinda annoys me. He's a little too fawning, I think. I LOVE ZANE. Really, he's awesome, freakin awesome. Lol. Update soon!
10/17/2006 c11 3KeyshaYess
aah lovve the storyy. i was actually surprised you wrote.. i thought you were dead ... :p haahaa.. anyways.. well i really dont know who sunny should end up with .. i mean zac a really goos guy and all but.. zane seems fuking HOT.. i mean it is absolutely positive that theres the whole physical attraction between sunny and himm.. damnn that must be something hot nd heavy.. =P

anywhoo.. buhbyee sweets.Take.carezz
10/17/2006 c11 twistedFAerieTALes
lol. i'm still frequenting these pastures :D

poor corey. christina is an...interesting character. and it seems like there's more to her...than possibly liking zac...?_?
10/12/2006 c11 Ri
Hmm, so hard which one? Zane is awesome but Zac's sucha cutie... even with that temper of him. So my vote to Zac! Great story, even though I don't particularly like love triangles because people always get hurt. *sniff* I feel so sorry for them, even though it's only a story! ^^" Anyway, either way, I hope both Zac and Zane have their happy ending.Christina... well she's something else... o_O
10/12/2006 c11 17Murder245
Can I vote for Zac a hundred times in one review?

~j. lynn
10/12/2006 c11 RedPillow
twas good...even though i had no clue what was going on at the beginning seeing as it's been so LONG since you updated! anyway, update soon!
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