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9/2/2006 c10 3KeyshaYess
zac is soo sweet and al.. ii wouldnt want him to get hurt.. like hes such a good guy.. buhh dammn zane is HOT -*drulez*- ... ii say ZANNE! DEFINETLY.. GOSH SHE SHOULD HAVE MORE THAN ONE BOY FRIEND INN HER LIFE.. THE WAY ZAC IS ATING IS AS IF HES GONNA MARRY HER .. and yup! ZANE ! ZANE ! ZANE !

P.S writee fast plzz this story is rlly effin good =)
8/30/2006 c4 Holly Harper
i vote Zane 1)cool name 2) he does sound hott 3)i want the same type of guy as Sunny
8/28/2006 c9 1dawn's unforgiving darkness
so which 1 is she most attracted to?
8/20/2006 c10 50fairEtales
This was so cute! I know it's been a while since you updated, but I hope you continue it! Nice job!
8/17/2006 c3 xPink Blossomsx
Cute story... Really like it ^^
8/15/2006 c10 rockpaperscissors
damn, how many years has it been? almost ONE WHOLE FRIGGIN YEAR. where are you? ah yes, i know, life gets busy, but still, i really want this story to continue, like so many other readers out there im sure. but hey, im not rushing you...only hoping that you'd update once in a while? :) take your time, of course, and I VOTE FOR ZAC! ;)
8/13/2006 c10 RedViciousApple
Wow nice story. I like Sunny, and I really like Zane. Too bad that you didn't updated in ages, I got hooked up on this fiction. I hope that your making another chapter, or I might send my dog after your bones, Consider it.
7/31/2006 c10 sparkle
at the moment, i'm really goin 4 Zane. i can just imagine how hot he is!
7/28/2006 c10 slinkytool34629
AH please continue! and my vote goes for Zane... so sexy! lol... keep up the great work!
7/27/2006 c4 whisper in the dark
don't feel sad about the poll...i'm sure people will get their heads out of their bums soon...'nuther vote for Zane
7/27/2006 c3 whisper in the dark
go Zane!...Zac isn't that bad either...but he still won't get my vote...ultmate diss to the boys when Sunny made the 'score' remark..
7/27/2006 c2 whisper in the dark
hello again...'nuther vote for Zane...^_^
7/27/2006 c1 whisper in the dark
i really like your story...(lame but it is true...)i came back here after ch. 4 to put my vote for Zane...tee hee...blondes never did it for me...
7/25/2006 c10 27femaleodd
can i vote for both of them? cause i can't decide. also are you going to update? but anyways, once while reading this story i was laughing to the point that i was almost crying. lol well anyways, update soon!
7/22/2006 c10 Joanna
I won't decide! They're both so hot! Update ASAP!
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