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7/18/2006 c10 J

Great story
7/18/2006 c10 rocky19
Zane! but i like zac to, i really hope you update soon
7/10/2006 c10 suicide-girl
yeah...so you haven't updated in forever. almost a year. are you going to? yeah...one thing i don't get, we all want zane to be the one that gets sunny. so why the hell are you putting her with zac?
7/9/2006 c1 Biaa

Great story! I hope you're not stopping.. i really like the way she's caught between the two brothers. Zane and Sunny are perfect for each other.. but we can't deny the fact that she and Zac have feeling for each other either.. i mean why else would she get all jealous and worked up over various situations right? So i can't wait to see what you're gonna write up next!

7/6/2006 c10 Iamdabomb
ZANE!ZANE!ZANE! wot! update soon please!
7/5/2006 c10 6Koala in Glasses
i still vote zane... this tory is awesome.. i'm really enjoying it. I can't wait for an update (i still vote zane, by the way)
7/5/2006 c5 Koala in Glasses
*gasp* ZANE! omg he sounds gorgeous!
7/5/2006 c4 Koala in Glasses
um.. idk much aboutzane, but it might b good if she ended up with him... i'll have to see as he comes into the story moreas of right now.. it looks like shes gonna end up with zack
7/5/2006 c1 Koala in Glasses
i like this so far.. it seems like a really cute story.. and holy crap that girl is really smart
7/3/2006 c1 33Blessed oblivion
i vote for Zane
7/3/2006 c10 lixximajig
I vote Zac! Blonde, shy, all-american boys have always been my favourite. Gee wiz, just reading about him makes me blush.
7/2/2006 c10 21insane in the brain
Wow, so sweet and angsty at the same time.

This is truly a bittersweet romanace.

I was wondering if Zane has natural black hair though. Since Zac has natural blonde, biologically, both parents have tp be blonde to produce a blonde haired kid, and since Zac is blonde, wouldn't that entitle Zane to blonde hair as well?

I'm just a huge biology freak.

7/1/2006 c10 Genato
it's '06 already! update please!.. haha... and i vote for Zane! zac is sweet but not sweet enough for me.. i will pity the guy though if ever sunny chooses Zane over xac though.. *sigh... now if only there was two guys running after me.. haha... jwk.. one guy will be enough.. ok.. so how did we get into this subject? ok.. yeah... im sorry... for rambling...hehe.. anyways.. i really like your review.. i've always liked girls who have wit, intelligence and beauty in stories... oh and if they evolve from im-invisible-no-oe-can-see-me to.. i-didnt-know-i-wasn't invisible-anymore-and-i-still-don't.. haha.. and yours is perfect... although not exactly invisible, she's oblivious to those "stares" as zac has said.. haha.. anyways.. please update... i maen.. hello.. you really owe your reviewwer.. INCLUDING ME haah.. big time! 8 months!ah.. oh wellz.. anwyays.. hope you update soon!
7/1/2006 c10 Nightshades-Jade
O.o, this chapter is werid-ish too. But you did an awesome way of telling how Zane seemed to radiate this aura. Your stroy is well written and FABULOUS! Vote goes to Zane. hehe
7/1/2006 c9 Nightshades-Jade
THis chapter was a bit...well for lack of a better word: weird. But it's still super awesome. I vote Zane again!
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