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2/22/2010 c4 Dwindling Fire
2/6/2010 c11 5paraNormal
Here's to hoping you still check stories 3 years later.

In any case, the plot is really interesting and I'd love to see it finished.
1/15/2010 c11 1U NV me
This story is so amazing! I love the way it's written!

P.S - I vote for ZANE

p.p.s - Update soon!
1/3/2010 c11 3to fall or to jump
I just found your story and all I can say is it is awesome! I love it! I just hope in the end one of the brothers isnt hurt... in other words a happy ending for everyone. =) I vote ZANE! Hes feakin awesome! and he doesnt have anger issues no matter how cute Zac is.
12/24/2009 c11 crazyhazie
it's been soo long. (i can't believe it... three years? seriously?.?)i really like your story.

when will you update?

please, finish the story...

i vote for zane, btw. :
11/1/2009 c11 sarcasm is my middle name
10/21/2009 c11 i-wish-i-had-wings
i love it! please continue on writing it *puppy eyes* i vote for zane, i think zac and christina seems like a better match xD
10/6/2009 c11 2xxXNightsareDaysXxx
DUDDE! hehehe...where have u been? Better yet, WHERE are YOU?

As u can probably guess by now, the STORY'S AWE_SOME! and AMA-ZING!1 UBer!

Ps. please update soon!
9/6/2009 c11 LadyShinkukaze
Update soon XD
8/23/2009 c11 2Desy.Rae
What the crap? I read this and then look to see it hasn't been updated in three years! I finally found a story I wasn't sure of the ending and you stopped writing it? That's just CRUEL I tell you CRUEL!

*sniffle, sniffle* *pout*
8/22/2009 c11 thefrogsareattacking
PLease finish!
7/2/2009 c11 Dee
Really good story! I like both of the brothers but I have to say I prefer Zane over Zac tho.

Please finish this story soon... or even just update so we know you haven't given up on this story! :)
5/20/2009 c11 koerle
Cute story, but looking at the update rate also kind of dead. Too bad, because I really liked it!
3/23/2009 c9 1shredding-fire
OMG! this story is really good- i prefer Zane over Zac.
3/22/2009 c1 4stop-drop-and write
excellent. entertaining and original. Plus, filled with hot guys. :)
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