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for What I Want in a Guy

5/29/2008 c11 tobslytobby
i really like this story. i just started reading it and it is so good. i like sunny a lot, she's a great character. love this story. update soon.
5/28/2008 c11 rei.lyrical
i love the story! i'm so confused as to who Sunny'll end up with. @A@
5/27/2008 c10 1goodbyemylover
i really love this story, and i hope you update soon!

zane is cool, and i like him, but i'm definitely rooting for sunny and ZAC. i just think it works better that way and they have more chemistry and know eachother well.

keep up the great work!
5/14/2008 c11 abc1234
Update! I loove Zac!
5/9/2008 c10 2sunny-raindrop
I found this story today and when I saw the last update's date, well, I didn't intend to read it but I did anyway. And I liked it very much (otherwise I wouldn't be writing right now). It's interesting, exciting and unique so I'd feel sorry if you didn't continue it. My only hope is one of you notes: you didn't indicate abandoning the story and even the one and a half year is over :)

So, let's hope.

And of course: Zane!
4/22/2008 c11 JustAnotherTeenAuthor


I really really really like the story, btw. =D
4/10/2008 c11 hoonani
*deap breath* ZAY- *gasp*-ANE. please.

3/30/2008 c11 DOMOxKUN

He's like... amazingly amazing!

But I really like Corey too XD
3/11/2008 c11 2PatsPrincess12
hey! i really like your story! i got alittle sad when i realized that this was the last chapter posted! lol! i really hope you will update soon! and to let you know i like HATE christina! lol! and i think that Sunny should stay with Zac. i dont picture her and Zane going out! ;p lol


3/9/2008 c5 helplessly in love
not it diffult to choose.

can i vote half on half?
3/7/2008 c3 helplessly in love
well as how now i dont really know

zane yet, now i think zac and Sunny would

be cute together in the end.=)
3/3/2008 c11 noodless
ZAC! so sweet... great story!
2/29/2008 c11 4Kelsci J. Sceasel
Hi, I kept reading until I finished all the chapters, and I have to say, I love it! The idea of Zac and Christiana getting together repulses me, but I know it's inevitable. On that note, I vote Zane, cuz no doubt, Zac's going to end up hurting Sunny.

Keep writing!

2/23/2008 c11 1Freakage
I vote Zane - he's sexy! And Chris and Zac have some serious freaky tension goin' on. Anyways, I totally fell in love with this story - thanks!
2/20/2008 c11 2blueangel87
Please write more soon! There's only so many times one can reread the old chapters ;)
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