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for What I Want in a Guy

2/16/2008 c2 22Kohlomere
Yeah hippy in W house!
2/16/2008 c1 Kohlomere
Sounds like my nightmare. Give me a really tall guy with hair-whatever color/texture so long as its thick and natural to the scalp- and wide set eyes.

Great job!
2/15/2008 c11 2pretitiful
dont really like christiana.. oh well.

poor corey.

anyway, zane's father is funny..

“She and Zane seemed to get along rather well,” she voiced hopefully.

“Zac hardly said two words the entire time they were here,” her husband countered.

“Jake was very friendly to her,” she tried again.

“Jake s very friendly to anything in a skirt,” he said bluntly.

Chantelle frowned at her husband.

- he actually said that aobut his son.

and also how come jake and corey dont come out as much?
2/15/2008 c10 pretitiful
zac and sunny are together.

well i am happy for them but i want zane to get with sunny. if that does happen it's going to be one weird relationship between sunny and zac.

anyway. i noticed that everyone wants zane to get with sunny. zane must be very popular.


i like this story a lot.

off to read next chappie.
2/12/2008 c11 rockchick07
oh please please please update.

i want to know what happens.


keep up the good work!
2/10/2008 c9 pretitiful
i love this story.

okay. i love this part

“You realize, you just called us, your little lettuces, right? Not only that, but you mixed up your languages,” Sunny informed him.

Harley looked quite offended. “JJ told me it meant ‘pretty girls’. You mean I’ve been going around the school calling all the girls ‘little lettuces’? Aww, far out! I’m going to kill that brat.”

-harley is funny and i suppose he's my fave. character along with zane.

“Since now. Come on Ray-Ray, let’s get you home so you can take that medication.”

“What? I don’t take medication! Harley, why are you being a jerk?”

- haha another funny part.

under the author note you wrote the result of the poll and i have noticed that zane has outnumbered zac.


2/10/2008 c8 pretitiful

sunny and zane actually had a conversation.


well, she likes zac...

i dont know if that's a good thing but still...

i'm still rooting for zane.


but zac's okay too.
2/9/2008 c7 pretitiful
i love this story.

it gets more intersting every chapter.

i am so totally rooting for zane.


i love this part

Mid-nookie, Corey (A/N – other brother, youngest) walked into the lounge room calmly, as if not noticing his brothers wrestling on the floor. He stepped over their legs and sat on the couch, taking the remote out of his baggy jeans pocket, changing the program to ‘Jackass’.

Both brothers’ stared at Cory, their puzzled looks turning into glares.

- hahaha corey is a funny one.

i see in the poll result zane is winning by alot.


i like them both. it is a hard choice but go ZANE!
2/9/2008 c6 pretitiful
sunny is such a nice girl and when i mean by nice i mean by really, really nice.

she accepted zac's apology in such a short amount of time

great chappie

2/9/2008 c5 pretitiful

they met. not really but they saw each other.


i like zane alot much more than zac

2/9/2008 c4 pretitiful
i personally like zane better.

dont know why but i do.

great chappie.

2/9/2008 c3 pretitiful
ooh. i like zane already...


its so cool how zane and zac actually get along.

i just cant wait till they meet. sunny and zane.
2/9/2008 c2 pretitiful
this story is funny.

sunny has a very good personality.

She rolled her eyes at Raylee. “Oh, yes. How did you know? Every time I see him, I just want to rip his clothes off. Don’t get me started on what happens in our ‘tutoring’ sessions!”

A masculine voice behind her added, “Yes, don’t get her started. She could go on all day…and night.”

-haha when they together they're so funny/.

“Oh right. Zac, this is Raylee, better known as Ray-Ray. Ray-Ray, this is Zac, better known as Dorkface,” Sunny introduced them formally.

- sunny defintely has a sense of humour.

2/9/2008 c1 pretitiful
ooh i like this story already.


cant wait till she meets Zane.
1/29/2008 c9 2xXxGolden-DryadxXx
I really like this story it makes me soo happy. And I LOVE ZAC! He is soo adorable! I don't know alot about Zane, he's cute and all but i don't know just not perfect for sunny like Zac is. Good Job!
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