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for What I Want in a Guy

1/3/2008 c3 8Dancing In Magic
Its really good, and VERY interesting. Great job, I can't wait to read more.
1/1/2008 c10 asdf
omg def. zane. can mine count as double? triple maybe?

XD loving your story!
12/29/2007 c11 dude i'm anonymous

my vote goes to zane
12/23/2007 c11 Ally Moose
This is a cool story. I soo vote for Zane! XD
12/22/2007 c11 cringeynostalgia
I can't WAIT for the next chapter! This story is so great
12/21/2007 c11 Fresh Harvest
Hmm-this is a pretty interesting story, and I like your characters. Harley especially sticks out as someone interesting and funny. I like Flex, too.

I don't know why, but all throughout the story, I'm always rooting for Zac. It's just that Zac is just such a sweet and nice person, even though he has flaws-which is understandable, because no one's perfect. His outburst was really harsh, but at the same time, he was able to apologize-and I think that's important. I'm not saying I don't like Zane-I do-he's nice, too, and he's funny and really cool in his own way. But for some reason, instinctively, I'm just rooting for Zac. Even if it seems like he and Sunny would take longer to really fall in love, I feel like that'd be more lasting. I don't know. :P Just my two cents.

I like it so far. I hope you do update sometime. ;) But no worries, all the best with your work and everything else. Have a great day, and happy holidays! :D
12/18/2007 c11 H3leN
hey... i just read ur story so far and it's great and something i would definitely read many times over.

i reckon Zane's really cool and somewhere in the story, i think he will get with Sunny but i don't want Zac to get hurt... seems like i just got to wait what happens next.

Zac's family sounds like they inherited all the HOT genes...wish i was in their family ...lol

Keep on writing, can't wait for the next chapters

12/16/2007 c11 1Quinn84
hey update soon. This story is really good!
12/15/2007 c11 SapphireEyes16
i luv sunny's character, and this story is definetly in my faves, so keep updating! (and by the way my vote goes to zane)
11/12/2007 c11 x3life
omgg pleasee update!

this is suchh a good story... love it. haha =] and dont even know the endingg =[
11/10/2007 c11 SUPERtrouper
i'm a new reader (:

this story is so good!

and you can add a vote from me to the Zac-lovers.

he's so sweet...well, so is Zane, but..i don't know haha. I just like Zac more haha xD

keep up the great work!
11/3/2007 c11 3silvershadow23
aw this is good...uhm...if I got the voting thing right, you have 1 vote per chapter? :D then if thats still going on, my vote is being split. 0.75 for Zane (cause he seems...more caring) and 0.25 for Zac, cause he has charm...lol. theres one vote...lol.

Anyways, hope you update this soon!

10/28/2007 c1 xbluxmoonx
from my experience, you need to take algebra2 with chemistry. if you're in calculas and in chemistry at the same time, then you've got some problems in that area. but i dunno, i don't live in washington. xD nice start for the story, though.
10/8/2007 c11 Animelover85
Awsome chappie and story! Can't wait till you update!
9/22/2007 c11 1Fleeting Moment
THis is realy good! UPDATE!
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