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6/28/2010 c13 1CaliBound
I hope you continue this story... i have really liked the story so far and would love to see were it goes...
5/28/2008 c11 jen
wow, good story.
8/1/2007 c13 12StrawberryKisses08
11/5/2006 c13 5AshKing89
hey, thats one helluva story i hope you are considering finishing it. It'll be a wonderful story once you finish it i'm hoping. have happy holidays.

5/7/2006 c13 i loost speeling beas
you better not just stop there, it was getting better and better
12/25/2005 c13 Beautiful Screams of Heartache
Yay! I liked it. :) Please keep writing! :D
3/24/2005 c12 AngelOfMusic013
anymore chapters or this is it other then that great story
12/3/2004 c12 Dawn
Yes, some spelling and grammatical errors, but fortunately not bad enough to put me off yet(and I am quite critical!).

Story is great so far. The prudes out there should just press the X in the top right-hand corner.
10/6/2004 c3 4AuroraNightSky
This is a awesome story! It really is! Don listen to those kiss ass morons who think your story is anything short of amazing. Its pathetic how low some idiots will get to make others feel bad. Maybe they had a bad day and had to bitch it to someone else. Do not feel bad at all! I love this and I love westerns, and you did a really great job describing the land and area and all. Hope to read more!
9/30/2004 c12 12Jo Rene
Seems good so far.
9/22/2004 c12 Sunny
Hey - Iam so glad you posted! You need to check over a couple grammer errors: we're instead of were and bodies life source instead of body's life source. Nothing too major but I thought you'd like to know. Keep posting!
8/20/2004 c10 1City of Angels
Incredibly sexy writing. Great stroy, especially the love-making scene. Gosh, aren't I a huge pervert?
7/29/2004 c1 5aqua-angel
^_^ wow... awesome job! I like it! Great descriptions and wonderful job on the dialogue- it makes you feel like you are back in time and sitting with all those characters at the dinner table :) The only mistake, and a minor one mind you, that I see are some grammer stuff, like a comma missing to make it flow better or what not. But overall, very good! I love it... it'll be a while for me to read it all and catch up. LoLz, keep it up!
7/23/2004 c11 Shilo Rose
One word, AMAZING! Some of your reveiwers are so stupid, don't listen to the country hick one, I am a big hick and there is nothing wronge with it. I want to hear more from ya. Plus, far all you people complaining about the rating, suck it up what else do you get from the thing at the bottom saying Romance. Yeshh get over it. Keep on writing.
7/17/2004 c11 Steph
You need to either tone this story down quite a bit or change the rating to R. I was really enjoying it up until the graphic scenes, which I would have chosen to forego.
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