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for Three Thousand Sins

11/19/2004 c3 DeathRulez
Amazing job on this! I can't wait for the next installment! Keep up the great work!
8/19/2004 c3 7Captain JT
Dear Writer,
Hey! You should have let me known sooner that you had a new chapter. Anyway, this chapter is a lull in the action, and seems more focused on character development and susupense building. There really isnt much more to say, other than that it is an all too necessary cease of action in order to develope plot. Such a chapter should be followed by something more exciting, to pick up from this low point. It really does set the stage though, and it accomplished obviously what the author intended (judging by the foreword). Looking forward to more!
Captain JT
7/26/2004 c3 8Ending Is Better Than Mending
I'd like to thank the both of you for reviewing. Sorry production's been so slow; what with short stories, poetry, and regular everyday life, time for my beloved baby 3kS has been scant. But I swear, I am trying to sate your reading hunger!
Thanks again for reviewing - tell your friends!
- Jill
7/6/2004 c2 5Punkerella
Sorry,I thought I had reviewed this chapter once you told me about it,but apparently not.
I LOVE it.
I also love the new character,Kae’lith.I hope she features more later. ^_^
6/26/2004 c2 7Captain JT
Dear Writer,
I have greatly anticipated the next chapter in this story of a elven assassin. The entire concept of this story is overall very appealing. I like how the entire chapter focuses on the aspect of the character in the dungeon. I feel however, more descriptions of the surroundings would give it more of an eerie and omnious feeling. The dream sequence however, is done very well in my opinion. The descriptions are very vivid, and your point is blazed across with ease and simplicity. The entire section seemed very palpable, for you let no detail shy from your description.
Also as far as storyline goes, the introduction of a few new characters was done rather well, and the appearance of a sister adds more curiousity into the origins of Dagger and her obvious conflicts. The central theme of this story has not yet become apparent, but this chapter tends to lean more towards the title, that is, remorse.
I do look forward to more, and I am overall very pleased with this chapter. For some reason though, I felt the first chapter was more exciting, this one takes the neccessary detour to ellaborate on plot and expand characters. Very good. I look forward to more.
~Captain JT
6/11/2004 c1 5Punkerella
Wow!That was fantastic ^_^
There was so much action in the plot that I was hooked throughout.
I hope you write more for this - clicks add to favourites - because I want to know what happens to Dagger.
4/28/2004 c1 7Captain JT
Dear Writer,
First off, why did this story catch my attention? The title! So right off the bat there pal, you established some intrigue. The story and plotline itself was ok, nothing spectacular. If you hope to submit this to a publisher, I must warn, that publishing is an incredibly difficult, unpleasant, nerve racking experience unless you know what you're doing.
Alright, I read the whole thing (rather long, low action), but the only REAL problem I had with this was the fact that the elf had auburn hair, I believe. What? An assassin elf with ...AUBURN! In the words of Dr. Phil, "what were you thinking". The hair should be short and black, but that is my personal opinion, you dont have to listen, the whole hair thing bugs me.
However I do look forward to your next chapter, and do hope to see this story on the shelves of a bookstore one day.You do have very good word use for someone your age. I recommend reading my fantasy story, and the book Eragon to work on your structure and character development a little.
Please do not be offended by my review, it was a little harsh and I did fail to acknowledge most of the high points, but with the errors above stated corrected I feel this will be a better story. Thanks for reading my review.
The Captain JT
4/22/2004 c1 8Ending Is Better Than Mending
Just to let everyone know, I am totally open for reviews. I love constructive critiscism, so don't fret if yuo're a tad blunt or anything. ...So, erm, note the little tidbit at the bottom of the submit screen.

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