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1/14/2007 c5 4Autoro
Capys seems to be lowering the urgency of his arguemnt:"cannot, nay should not". Also, there's only a thousand humans. If the elves have been living here for thousands of years, surely they have a large enough population to handle such a small number, especially since they have magic on their side.
1/14/2007 c6 Autoro
This chapter mostly is good, but one mistake: Who is Anna? Did you change her name in earlier chapters, and forget to do so here?
1/14/2007 c4 Autoro
At the very end, Trenelus hasn't told Praedita what happened. Is she just happy that he was summoned by the council, or what?
1/14/2007 c2 Autoro
Major problem! They're going from intergalactic spaceships, to swords and bows, in 589 years. And then they're going from swords and bows to nuclear bombs and intersteller spaceships in 14 years! This is simply not possible. Maybe I'm misinterperting "medieval-type war", but it still doesn't make much sense to me.
2/6/2005 c6 earthie
hey, this is very cool! I like the latin. One thing: it’s ”grammar,” not “grammer”. not a huge thing. yay for updatez! (that was a typo but i decided to keep it. ^_^)
2/3/2005 c5 earthsong12
okay, you were bugging me today to review this chappie but i already did, so :-P. You should pay more attention to your reviews! ~_^ (and if you can't figure out that I'm earthie, then...i won't continue, b/c i'd get slapped, but you can guess what i mean. ^_^) ANYway, this is good, yadda yadda, in some paragraph you put "a" instead of "and". I can't find it now, but i know it's there somewhere. ~_^ but since i pointed out a typo in my last review and it remains unfixed, i don't know why i even bother...oh, right, cause i don't reaview you hit me! *beam* me smart...i'm going to bed now, goodnight. And hope you enjoyed the longest review i've ever given you! ^_^ú
12/25/2004 c5 earthie
Fido won't let me review this signed. Grr..

This is good. I'm glad they picked the third option; it was really the only smart and humane (elven?) option. One small typo: thirteenth paragraph, you have "we to them a compassionate face." I assume you meant "we show."

I forget where you are right now - are you at the lake? Wherever, hope you're having a nice break. Email me if you can please, though I might not reply for a bit.

This is a great story, write more soon! i really ought to work more on my stories...-_- *shame*p
12/20/2004 c1 16tarielenion
I read the first chapter, and noticed a big resemblance between the foreign/elven words and Tolkien's words of that sort. I looked at your bio and what did I find? You got it. "ALL ELVEN/ELVISH WORDS ARE BORROWED FROM "THE LANGUAGES OF TOLKEN'S MIDDLE EARTH"'S ENGLISH-TO-ELVISH DICTIONARY...THEY ARE NOT MY OWN." There we go.Anyway, this sounds pretty interesting, and even though I haven't read the next five chapters, I'm sure they will be great.
10/5/2004 c4 39Aspiring Author
I forgot to hit the little button to add you to my alerts list, so I'm reviewing again so I can hit it. Sorry!
Oh! And also fav. authors!
10/5/2004 c5 Aspiring Author
I like, I like! *singsongy*. I also read your bio, and I also will put you on author alerts. Are you continuing this story or not? I can't remember what you said. Read "Storytime in Foursquare 2" before anything else, it's that one we wrote! I have to go but I'll read the rest of your stuff at a later date, 'k?
~aspiring author
6/17/2004 c4 21Ancamna
This is really good! I can't wait to see what happens! What're the elves going to do with the unsuspecting humans? ^_^
6/9/2004 c1 45Simple Enigma
this reminds me of the silmirllian! you sound like Tolkien (the ultimate compliment) Keep it up!
6/3/2004 c4 11ladylore
I am loving this! You are amazing!
Please r+r me x
6/2/2004 c5 11Earthsong12
Hey, sul, I have some stuff to tell you. First, what is with that "hurhurhur" thing? No one laughs like that! Are you just doing that to bug me? 2nd, you got a spelling mistake in your bio-it's hypocrite. 3rd, it's kinda weird if you say your own stories are great...yah. Rereading this, I realize I sound kinda mean. Sorry! I'm not trying to be. I do like your stories. Oh, and I hope you don't mean you're your own least favorite thing? Cause that's not good! You should love yourself, and all that stuff. OK, I'm shutting up now. Bye! ^_^
5/25/2004 c5 Spooni
o...very very helpful. ^_^ How in hadey who were you able to upload the character in Noleon? Oh well..magic or fabulousness I suppose. Hm...yay for characters again! A good improvement. All I might say is that the council meeting seemed extremely short for a danger of the kind that the humans seem...and not very much panicing.. have elves discovered what humans never could? The ability to not 'freak out' and the slightest itty bitty thing? At any rate, they just seemed remarkably calm to me. Oh? An invading force is coming? Ho dee hum.. I guess we shall have to kill them.
It shall be interesting to see what millenias of evolution has changed elven society..or at least weaponry and techniques..as compared to the humans' :let's blow everything up!
I wonder, will there be any dissention about going to war? Or just..dissention because people are bound to be uppity just because they can. And will any of the humans prove to actually care about things other than themselves, or merely fit into an evil steretype? It should be interesting!
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