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9/11/2004 c1 JillieRose
All fantastic, except for the bit on Northern Ireland.
OK, less bombing. Which is good. But now the same terrorists still run things. They just run different things...ie drugs. Still a lot of people being attacked for what they believe. Things around here don't change very much.
Anyway, back to trains.
It is kind of sad that the only people who can run trains on time are those who do it as a hobby. To quote Professor Higgins in Pygmalion:
"Happy is the man who can make a living from his hobby."
Perhaps we should give them a go at running the country a while.
Or maybe some trained monkeys.
You never know. It might be better.
7/19/2004 c1 4Nemo
They are in a state, aren't they? In the last two months, I've used the railways five times and three of those were subject to serious delays or cancellations (all on Virgin). Thank you very much John Major. :(
4/29/2004 c1 14cocolori
Yay! How wonderful to meet someone who thinks the same way about so many issues. It seems we liberals are a dying breed mate! Totally agree with what your saying here and it's also wonderful to read an opinion essay written by someone who has there facts right.
4/26/2004 c1 Walla Tenn
Interesting call for reform of the railway system. Do you want it to happen in the U.S. as well as England?
I noticed you used some British spelling of words. Was this for special effects?
4/23/2004 c1 Retlor
Ironic. The Shadow Chancellor Oliver Letwin visited our school yesterday. He arrived 40 minutes late and the first question asked was 'do you think that if your party had not privitised British Rail you would have been on time?'
4/22/2004 c1 The orphan
I couldn't have said it any better myself. You could very well run for prime minister. The education system in the UK has diterirated since the New Labour rubbish. We should bring back grammer schools. I hate schooling in a state school. Grammer schools sound so much better. If the Germans can bring back their Grammer schools, why can't we Brits do something similar? It's not Rocket science and it will benifit us in the future.

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