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12/12/2006 c3 4Lovediamond15
wo, btw, its bril update please? pwetty pwese? give u a cokie ^-^
5/23/2004 c3 1Tomonari Kasumi
i like the decription of things, its really good, makes the story a bit more alive. on a different note i was gunna use the name requiem, but i guess ill change it now.
4/28/2004 c3 8gossamerdragon
oo I was wrong, but that was a really good plot twist! Haru sounds coopl nad quite hot! :p I did my french exam today _ I think I said something really stupid like I have japan or something stupid... lol ... but no more french speaking *cheers* how are your exams going? I hope you get properly oer your writers block soon!
4/27/2004 c2 9Lunar Wulf Gemini
Please update soon this is really interesting.
4/25/2004 c2 1Tomonari Kasumi
i like how you chamged point of view, and how seki rewarded her dog for taking a wiz on her dads couch. im waiting to see whats to come in the next chapter.
p.s. i sympathize, sats suck...
4/25/2004 c1 Tomonari Kasumi
i like the story, a bit cliche though. kinna long for a prolouge but good none the less, hope it gets better as it goes
4/25/2004 c2 8gossamerdragon
Is the Pizza guy the demon one? The chapter was great, I really love your writing style, Akamatsu sounds really cute! I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Good luck with your SATS, I have a french GCSE next week _
4/23/2004 c1 3SilenceAvaids
I love the story hope you write some more you're an sugio write so keep up the good work ^.^ (sound like english teacher)
was it the angel or demon that was writting to her? Very good for you're first origonal fic.
hope to see the next chappie soon!
4/21/2004 c1 8gossamerdragon
That was really good, I really want to know who wrote the letter! ^_^ I like how you put the describtion in your wirting and the story line it self. ^^ I 'm looking forward to reading the next few chapters and Seki sounds like she'll be a really interesting chcaracter!

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