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for Blood of the Damned

5/21/2012 c33 Soutrick
very interesting

liked the way you wrapped everything

could have more but its not to bad to end there
2/7/2010 c33 smurf-love
ok i think i have three things...

1. when you jump from when she got changed into a vampire and then ten years later you should put somthing that says "ten years later" cuz i didnt know it skipped till the net chapter...

next some of your words were not the words you were going for but i understood what you were trying to say...

and three idk i read this story last night and i had three then but now i cant remember so im just going to finish

i really liked your story though and hope you continue to write on this site so ya love the story and ill check out your others...

3/8/2009 c33 JustAnotherLibroLover
just...wow. okay, while i am sad that this story is coming to an end (epilogue? :P ), i must say i loved this chapter. can't wait to see what other stories you cook up!
3/7/2009 c33 Aneesha
wow me and my friends just read chapter 32 and chapter 33 they were so awesome! omg but i'm sad the story had to end but it was totally spectacular! = )
2/28/2009 c31 JustAnotherLibroLover
Yay an update! I hope you don't make us wait too long to see how the battle ends! :P Can you say cliffy? Please update soon!
2/27/2009 c31 Aneesha
wow me and my friends just finished reading the story so far and it's like totally... SPECTACULAR, omg i LOVE IT! please please keep writing more! = )
2/26/2009 c31 hyperpiggyblue
omgee i love this story and u finally updatedd plzz hurry with the story thank you
11/3/2008 c30 bbyxhann
great job !

freakkin' love this story .


hurry &update !

9/25/2008 c30 AMM3485
Loving it! Can't wait for another update.
9/23/2008 c30 JustAnotherLibroLover
Doomed... DOMED! hee hee, yay for updates! luv it!
9/22/2008 c30 2crazychic7278
yay...a update...did another good job...on it...again...haha keep it up
9/22/2008 c14 bbyxhann
i thought the ending was hilarious .

but i think that girl might be bala .

well its not really of a think ,

its more of a duhh of course .

lol .

9/22/2008 c12 bbyxhann
aww , i think theyre so cute together !

plus he & bala already think that

totonia & curtis should be together .
9/22/2008 c6 bbyxhann
whoaa , shes a vampire .

why'd it take so long ?
9/22/2008 c5 bbyxhann
aww , she might be dead ?

that sux .
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