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for Greatest Gift

6/13/2004 c1 ruthie
u know, i was thinking about all of ur poems and how theyre all so great but i have to say that this one is by far the best. maybe its just cause i can relate to it so well. i mean, im pretty sure i would have driven myself insane at this point if it werent for u and christie and caitlin and riley and everyone. u all gave me the greatest gift of all. so thanks.
5/30/2004 c1 g-uNIT
4/24/2004 c1 8DPTRM
Definitely a happy one...that's one lucky guy. Do I know him cause if so u know ill want to know who it is.
4/22/2004 c1 82Death-By-Papercut
thats a nice poem...wish i felt that way about someone. Keep writing.

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