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6/17/2004 c6 Melanushkia
NO! NO NO NO! ALEX AND JOE, NOT WILL! Sorry, that is really getting on my nerves. I mean, they totally like eachother...wheres the problem?
Ah well, I'll get what I want soon...I hope. It's late and I'n tired so you don't get a huge long review...Keep on keepen on and update soon!
5/18/2004 c5 Melanushkia
OH MY GOD! You used Maya three times in the first paragraph! So fix it!
Anyway, JOE NAD MEGA CAN'T "GO OUT ON THE BALCONY"! Who knows what could happen? Joe and Alex need to hook up, so Joe has got to quit that, right now!
This was a really good chapter and I loved it soo much, but I got to get back to writing my next fanfic chapter. So keep on keepen on and update soon!
5/18/2004 c2 8Mystic-Rain-444
It's funny the names you chose for these stories. Ex: Will (ha,ha, Florida) and me and Sari. Anyway, cool chapter. Relationships goin' on everywhere. Anyway, I gotta go read one of Mel's stories too. I'll read more tomorrow. Luv ya! Oh, by the way, it's dropped not drooped. (First Line) ;-)
5/18/2004 c1 Mystic-Rain-444
It's me and Sari! Hey, good kid reaction! It's how I reacted every time my parents told me I was moving. Told you I'd review!
5/17/2004 c4 Melanushkia
YOU NEED A BETTA-READER! You used "Maya" instead of "Alex" twice! Anyway, this was a really good chapter, but Joe is so lying, he is in love with Alex! And he knows it ! HA! But i love the whol pry-into-each others-love-lives thing. It was interesting ot read.
So, i love this story and it so all in ral life and stuff, so keep on keepen on nad update soon!
5/14/2004 c3 Melanushkia
5/8/2004 c1 Melanushkia
That is so awsome! First, you can't stael Christina and Sara, they belong to our best frinds, Christiana and Sara! Ahh well, I guess you can take them if you want. This is such a great story, you have to keep it up. I think there is something between Joe nad Alex, eventhough she thinks she likes Will. Anyway , LOVE this story SO much and if you don't update soon, I shall eat you!
4/23/2004 c1 1CelesteAmora
Hey, good job yourself!
Very interesting, please update so I can see what happens next!
PS Thanks for the review.

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