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12/17/2011 c21 catusi
is this story already finished or are you going to finish it?
11/18/2008 c1 Miss.Broadway
Yay! What an awesome fic! :)
5/31/2008 c21 4nirnas
First of all, I didn't review all the other chapters because I was so hooked. So, here is my review. Forgive any spelling errors as I am in a rush.

Anyways - I love Alli as a character. She is spunky but clumsy, and not very confident of herself. To top that off, she has a mysterious power to read minds. It's really a very good blend. All in all, I think she's well developed.

The contrast between her and Tristan is also very satisfying; I also like the fact that Alli can't really read Tristan's mind...I wonder how he would react if she told him about this uncanny ability to read thoughts.

Moving on, I don't think that this story is moving too slowly. All the parts are carefully fleshed out, and I can get a good understanding and grip of each chapter. Keep up the good work, and I shall be looking forward to more chapters!

Sorry that the review was so long, but this story deserves it. ^-^
1/11/2008 c21 Trory4ever
really great story. i cant wait to see what is going to happen next. and I know all about hectic life things getting in the way and time going by way too fast. congrats with keeping up with everything and i look forward to the next chapter. keep up the great work

1/10/2008 c21 28Blackened Blood
I Love this story, very well writing and i love the plot. Please update soon!
1/4/2008 c21 Skeeter the Groundhog
yay! they kissed! hooray for happy moments!

it's about time you updated, but i must say i haven't done much better. i'm glad things are going well for you and keep up the good work!
1/4/2008 c2 person with a smile
this is random, but i like how you don't have to be a "member" of fictionpress just to comment.

this is also random, but I always wished that some hot guy lived near enough to go to my bus stop.

Laugh out loud! I love what she says to the guy at her bus stop!

All I have to say is "Por dearrie..."
1/4/2008 c1 smiles make my day
You know, i never really knew what tourette's was. I just thought it was weird people whogrunted and said profane words without meaning to. But now I see that it really isn't all that, so I'm going to read your story, because it seems really awesome and you seem like a pretty awesome writer.

I feel bad for the narrator. I mean, to go through school like that. Even the most mundane incidents at my school get me upset. I can't imagine having tics as well...

did tristan's dad sell the house they lived in?

i think you should revamp the first chapter a little bit, though. there's an error somewhere in the middle when the narrator trips katherine in elementary school.

Also, What the ᄄC ? Was she kidding me?

that's there too. Somewhere. do a ctrl+find.

good job, i really enjoy this!
1/2/2008 c21 38secret thoughts revealed
hi finally so she confronts him at last sort of. great chapter hope it doesnt take too long till we get the next installment
1/1/2008 c4 Guest
just to mention something...falling asleep on the roof is never a safe thing. Nor is traversing around on one. But that's just me. =] Wow, Alli has very interesting character. She makes a reference to being a superhero but the notion never occurred to me! But in a way, yeah, she kinda is a superhero!

Another thought-wow, you wrote this story before the Ipod, didn't you? Because it's CD player, not Ipod.

OOh, laugh! She nearly ran over Tristan!

Wow, I love your story! Please keep updating!=]
1/1/2008 c21 9Adeleste
Wow, might I saw that, though the wait, this chapter was exceptional? I had this giddy smile on my face the entire time, similar to the smile on my face whenever there's mr. darcy. Alli is such a great character, because we can actually relate to her. Though she is SLIGHTLY on the paranoid side, it's realistic-congrats, you didn't overdo anything.

More drama. This is good. So who's it going to be between-Tristan or Lucius? And what's the major conflict of the story? I'm curious! Please update soon, you are a superlative author. From the sounds of it, life is pretty busy for you, but of course-college apps! Good luck on them, but I have this gut feeling that you'll do fine.

*squeal* Tristan and Alli kiss!

Oh. Right. Did I not establish that that was the hilight of this chapter?

Much love,

1/1/2008 c21 xxily4everxx
hmm its a good story...
3/11/2007 c20 ANGEL992210
Amazing story.Update soon.
2/21/2007 c20 RW W
Great chap, even thru the irony that I'm going to a professional phantom production in the near future ~.~
2/15/2007 c5 rw w
bwahahahahaha i was correct! im not gunna actually leave usful r&rs until theyl be of use... + i right them on my psp and its a pain...
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