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for The Life that I now have

6/1/2004 c1 4foolish Foxes
I'd consider this weet but yeah that's me, likes it good work on it! ^_^
5/28/2004 c1 18Wondering Wolf
This is a great short story. The part about the guy leaving ticks me off because there is nothing lower than that of someone leaving their kids in my view. Thank you for the reviews!
5/22/2004 c1 9rotted reverie
This is pretty good... I had to do a similar thing in creative writing...meh... I love writing, but that class seriousl sucked.
4/26/2004 c1 5KitiKat
There are a few careless things that you did. You really did a good job making the dialogue real. The mom thus far is developed and you have a theme going as well as a plot. There were a few things that should have had a new paragraph to make for more umph.

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