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for Rainbow

5/17/2004 c1 169Crimson Riley
such a moving and tragic poem
I enjoyed your words very much
5/9/2004 c1 6finding sanity
i love this poem! they way you express yourself is beautfiul. thanks for the review.
~finding sanity
5/3/2004 c1 A Beautiful Nightmare
This is beautiful... I don't know what else to say... but the rhyme and meter was excellent...
5/3/2004 c1 9Baby Moony
AWESOMENESS! anywys...lol i wanna thank u forreveiwing "Love That Kills" ya i kno its depressing but its really..hm...beautiful? idk lol somethin like that
4/27/2004 c1 612simpleplan13
wow.. amazing imgary... pretty language too.. awesome poem
4/27/2004 c1 418Amethyst Horizon
oh my gosh! really love this poem! i especially love the very last line! you are an awesome poet and i love the poems where every other line is italicized! that is just so amazing! great job!
4/27/2004 c1 29FrostedTeardrop
This was great. Sad but very good. Full of emotion. I really liked the last line. Good job on writing this.

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