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for My Best Friend

9/15/2004 c1 12Stormie Greye
Aww, how cute! LoL. Nicely written. Keep up the good work! ^^
8/3/2004 c1 Adam
this poem makes me sad...thats sumthing that never fails to make me sad...when ppl go their seperate ways...i hate finishing books and video games and movies and anything for that reason...it just kills apart of me...
7/29/2004 c1 3xanahix4x
Hey Kool poem it really shows your feelings...
6/28/2004 c1 Heather
THAT IS SO CUTE! Ah how sweet! NY boy sounds so cute in that poem, even though he was a asshole to you... LOL! Maybe I'll start a accont...
5/9/2004 c1 36biblehermione
That was a very sweet/sad poem. Good job
5/8/2004 c1 Melanushkia
That was really, um, I think the word is heart-felt. It seemed you really got into it. I love this stuff

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