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10/31/2004 c1 9Chione
The only thing I have to say that disagrees with you is the using words other than said. DON'T get too carried away with it. Using things like replied and asked and answered and such work, but if you're using something different everytime someone speaks, you will really stand out as being an amateur. Which isn't necessarily bad, because we all are for a time, but it's really tedious to read. Said is classic, works well, and doesn't drown the dialogue.
Other than that, I think this is a wonderful essay, and I'm glad someone got around to writing it. There is so much crap on this site, allthough there is also a lot that's really well written. Some people could really learn from an essay like this.
9/25/2004 c1 6Evil-Frolicing-Angel
Yeah. My country's full of morons... I know someone who's trying to write who uses no puctuation at all. It drives me MAD, I tell you. MAD! I also hate the word "Said." It's so boring...
Henyway, I think it's about time someone started getting down of these people. Also, I'd like to remind everyuone to run spell-check before uploading stuff and to proofread to see if you any words out or used a Homonym to.
6/5/2004 c1 54Werecat99
Better late than never, I guess.
I enjoyed this. Some people out there (hint, hint) forget the fact that some of us are not native in English speaking & writing and such tips always come in handy. Better read such an essay with the style and humour I enjoy so much that any boring grammar book.
Loved it. Sometimes the reviews can be as much fun to read, hehe.
BTW, check out my own essay Constructive Criticism, if you can spare a moment. I’d really like your thoughts on it.
Bye, little bunny!
5/17/2004 c1 RainShadow2005
Dear reviewer without the cojones to sign in and show your face:
Who in the world are you? I happen to be the "RainShadow2005 or something" that you mentioned and, while I thank you for your kind words about my writing, what I "have to wonder" is what makes you feel that YOU have any right to say anything when you aren't even secure enough with your own work to sign in. No, you dragged my name through the mud instead. Check some of my reviews closer sometime ... I said something one time about how I feel about anonymous reviewers.
BTW, exactly when did he say he hated Americans? I don't remember that part of the essay ... possibly because it wasn't there. Though, to be honest with you, with the crap we're flinging at other countries and the amount of meddling we do in other people's affairs, sometimes I wish I could hide my head in the sand. To the issue about full-stops, I just want to say ... sorry to bust your bubble, but the only reason I do that is because I haven't been able to re-condition myself to stop. Loganberry is COMPLETELY right about it and I am making efforts as we speak to stop. Sorry, can't back you up there either.
Do I know you? I hope I don't. Just for any readers out there and especially to Loganberry who always has the guts to leave a "callback number" of sorts when reviewing, I'm sorry if anybody thought I was involved in this in any way. Please don't think I was.
5/17/2004 c1 Loganberry
Well, "An FP Writer," I do wish you hadn't posted anonymously. Not because I want to go flaming you, but because you make some very good points that I'd much have preferred to have addressed in an email than in the review section. I have to say that I think you're being more than a little paranoid about your site, too. I don't go charging around people's personal sites and making rude remarks about their writing. Works on FictionPress are a different matter, since works are deliberately placed on a public site, and reviews are an essential part of the site. It's those works I'm referring to - hence, "those people writing here."
Firstly, "Wholly Writ" is not a piece I'm terribly happy with, since it doesn't flow all that well, and as you spotted I don't always keep to the guidance I gave, even in my other writing here. I have actually considered deleting this essay on a couple of occasions since it is below par, but have never quite made the decision so to do. I won't do it now, since that would inevitably look as though I were doing so to stop people seeing your criticisms.
Now then, on to specifics. I don't believe that I anywhere claim to be "an expert on writing," and of course I'm no such thing - after all, I say right at the start that nobody's perfect, and I don't see any indication that I'm excluding myself from that judgement - but it would be silly if every time I made a point I appended to it a little disclaimer pointing out that people might disagree. I'm sure my readers can infer that for themselves, as indeed you did. As for the idea that I mentioned my mistakes so that no-one would say anything in reviews... that's just bizarre, frankly. I'm actually surprised that you were the first reviewer to do so.
Am I going to say that people who make little mistakes are bad writers? No. I don't bother making much comment about those things unless there's little else to complain about in the piece. That said, I don't believe it's sensible to hold back from criticism of small things just because the big ones are right; a writer who's got to that standard can take it, and in any case will need to know what to do if they want to submit things for publication. Not that you ever said otherwise, but a writer who relies on their editor to correct all their typos and punctuation errors isn't going to get very far.
"I was highly slighted that you consider yourself such an expert." Then, I have to say, you may have rather too thin a skin to enjoy FictionPress very much. Quite apart from the fact that I don't consider myself any such thing, if you allow yourself to get slighted by anything short of a personal attack or deliberate trolling then the sad reality is that you may well have a bad time on a public site such as this.
Your comment about Richard Adams is a valid one, and I accept it totally. More than one person has complained about that bit, and with reason. What I meant to say is that few people have managed to express the contents of their imagination so well (you may still disagree), not that few people actually *have* that imagination. I got it wrong there, and really ought to edit that part of the essay.
"RainShadow2005 or something" - that's a strange form of words. You sound as though you know her, or at least know of her, quite well... so why not go and look the name up instead of guessing? And I do indeed know her myself, and agree that she writes very enjoyable stuff. Sadly we've rather lost touch in the last few months - partly because I've had almost no time for sites like FP and thus haven't reviewed her more recent work - but for a while we were regular email correspondents, and I enjoyed that. Incidentally, she was the person who told me that the full-stop dialogue was sometimes taught in US schools, and I said to her then that I thought it was ugly. She didn't take it as a personal slight, since it wasn't. It's also the *only* time I mention Americans in the entire essay, so you're being silly saying that I have "such a poor view" of you as a nation.
You're also being very unfair assuming that I consider people uncreative because they don't write on subjects that interest me. On numerous occasions I've read something on a topic that I don't have much interest in or knowledge of, but the writer has *made* me interested. And when that happens, I say so, as it's a very admirable skill to have.
Right, I think that's about it. I'd love you to read more of my writing, but if you do, then I'd ask you please to take yourself a little less seriously, realise that I do the same... and at least consider not reviewing anonymously. It's most unsatisfactory not to be able to converse properly about a detailed review such as yours.
5/17/2004 c1 An FP Writer
A well-written essay, but I have to wonder why you consider yourself such an expert on writing. I've browsed through your works and, while you do follow the rules you have set down in this essay which makes them easy to read, you seem far from a literary genius. I have read stuff that has that 'dreaded' full-stop issue in speaking paragraphs that have held my attention much better than some of the best gramatically correct stories out there.
For me, I care more about how well it flows than if every little T is crossed. This isn't a publishing house. I understand what you mean by some of the horrible disasters that plague this site, but you are no formal editor and your work is flawed too. Well, you said that in your essay, I guess so no one would mention it, but I did.
I'm kind of new to the site, but one of the examples of the fantastic stories that are great dispite the full stop dialogs are by an author, I can't remember her penname ... RainShadow2005 or something. I'm not positive, but she writes pretty good stories and she consistantly makes that flaw, practically every sentence. But, every other thing she does is right, so are you going to say people like that are bad writers? That's why I don't want you following a link to my site so I'm posting anonymously.
Sorry you have such a poor view of us appearantly ignorant Americans, but another thing you need to be aware of is that this site is mainly populated by teenagers so you are one of the more experienced people here. Take that as a compliment, because it is. I was interested in what you said, but I was highly slighted that you consider yourself such an expert. By the way, Watership Down was an excellent book but you really have no right assuming that none of us here are as creative. Maybe some people are, they just don't write like you think they should so you don't give them a chance. Plus, some things you may not be interested in, but that doesn't mean that the writer isn't creative. They may be, just in a different way.
I want to read more of your essays and this isn't a flame, but if you want more sophisticated company, you might need to find a forum that isn't occupied by so many teenagers and Americans, I guess.
5/12/2004 c1 20Once in a blue moon
"How are you?" she asked with a grin. "I hope you're well, as I am. As I was reading this, it brought back the happy hours of English class..."
Well here's a nice informative essay! If there's one thing I hate in this world, it's misplaced punctuation. Even though I will admit that I do have a weak spot for commas. ^_^ I tend to put them in the most unnecessary places, just for phrasing's sake!
By the way, you could probably submit this as a column, you know, on the home page? You've might have already thought of that (I'd've most likely chucked it out the window due to school constraints on my time).
Also on the by-and-by, I'm glad that I didn't go to a grammar school that taught, quite ironically, bad grammar!
4/28/2004 c1 warnthepenguins
Everything appears to be in order. Good one so far.
4/28/2004 c1 9Neon Tetra
(commence moan) I do disagree with one of your points, namely, where you say that you should always start a new paragraph when a character speaks, even if the current paragraph does not contain any other quotations. When the subject of the paragraph ties in with the subject of the character's speech, and no other character has been quoted in that paragraph, I think that it is appropriate to incorporate the speech with the paragraph. Kudos for mentioning Watership Down, although I think it's a little insulting to flatly state that Richard Adams has more imagination than the rest of us. (end moan)

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