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for Can't you Won't you

7/21/2009 c1 17Unique1952
This is very very sweet, somewhat sad, but the sweetness definetly trumps that.

Nice work with this.
1/10/2005 c1 5Thursday's Dove
6/2/2004 c1 9Jump Start My Heart
Nice poem...
Anyway, I saw your review for my sis, Miss Prep Killer, and her poem, and I wanted to answer your question.
The Power of Three is three witches, born under the same last name, as three sisters that posses the power and strength to do good with White Magick. It's a Wicca thing.
Hope it helps!
Alyssa Jo (Anyway, It's from the TV show Charmed)
4/29/2004 c1 Emmy Jane
Hey! I love it...just don't tell anyone how long it took me to figure that part out...! Go for R next time!
*Evil Jane* Laterz!

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