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for I Wonder: Flying

5/6/2004 c1 Squam
OMG...when was this? Tell me nextt time you want to jump out a window and let ME tie you to your chair and tie you to your desk and and and and...what was i saying? oh well ...I LIKE CHEESE
5/4/2004 c1 Josef Von Perriwinkle
Ohh very good. ^^
Sorry, short review. I'm right next to you anyway!
4/29/2004 c1 11Earthsong12
Ooh, a papercil and a cookie! How can I resist? Unless it’s a paperclip cookie. Thta’s not so great. Wait, I’m already reviewing, aren’t I? Heh.
ANYway, enough ramblings (I hope they provide you with a little bit of amusement). I like this poem. It seems sad, but I don’t think it is really. I mean, I am so totally not depressed, but when i stand on the edge of a balcony or something, I’m always slightly tempted to jump. Hmm, now I’m scaring myself. Good poem! bye!
4/29/2004 c1 84cookiemonster
that was creative...i actually wonder about summa that stuff sometimes too!...now about that cookie...lol...no, i'm jk!
but I am cookiemonster...*debates with self*

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