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for 9 Lives

9/11/2005 c1 38CarpeDiem28
I really like this poem as well. Made a very good point. I like the ending. the "nine lives" part was very creative.
4/17/2005 c1 116loversdream17
wow. good job again keep up the good work love always and forever mandi.
2/13/2005 c1 17Miss Megan
I like this. Good job.
12/29/2004 c1 858Anna178
Love the lines: "I've got my wings, but no where to fly" beautiful poem.ANNA
5/15/2004 c1 30a e i o u and sometimes y
That was really fun and interesting to read, and I love the point you were expressing. I especially love the ending. Great job!
5/13/2004 c1 76CoolBeans18s
What an interesting concept! This is a true masterpiece - I love your style!
~ CoolBeans18s
5/12/2004 c1 148JJR Meerraf
Great ending, excellent poem
5/8/2004 c1 A Beautiful Nightmare
Inspiring in a way... great rhymes... keep up the great works...
5/8/2004 c1 28WordsSpoken
Oh, i like this poem. Thanks for the review on my poem
5/3/2004 c1 144Infinite Smiles
Iespecially love the bit about the nine lives at the end..Love the concept.
4/29/2004 c1 62Turquoise Draka
wow amazing job
that is great
I can never rhyme `:P
4/29/2004 c1 3Cry Tears of Darkness
wow. truley inspirational! just, wow.
4/29/2004 c1 simpleplan13
i liek it... ncie rhyming...
4/29/2004 c1 Stephen Fierce Publications
Good poem.
4/29/2004 c1 WakeRobin
Cool title. I love the rhymes and the whole poem.
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