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for to face the mirror and find no reflection

12/14/2004 c1 79CrimsonCat
Oh, sweet Jaclyn. I've missed you and your poetry. I know that these have been sitting here for so long, seemingly waiting for me to read them. And I'm sorry I haven't done so before now.

This poem seemed to cut me in places I can't see. If only because I can see myself so easily in the words.

I love that there are no periods in this poem. As if the sorrow here doesn't end, it just continues forever. *hugs* I'm going to read the rest of your poems. I'm back, and I've missed them so much.
5/1/2004 c1 AVIGON
Sometimes I get distracted reading your poetry. Sometimes I just focus on one part of it and forget about all the other facets. This one was whole the first time I read it.

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