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for Ashes of the Phoenix: Requiem of the Phoenix

3/16/2005 c4 mytaintedangel
so, um...where is the rest of it. Is it continued in rebirth. I hope this isn't it...i was just getting into it. P.s. thanx for signin my story...Shattered Illusions.
9/19/2004 c3 5Kitzophrenic
" Just ducky."
-Um. Okay. ...-_-
*reads on*
~ ~ ~
9/19/2004 c2 Kitzophrenic
Okee. Another short chap! Why must you post so little, hn? ^-^ And I would've liked a bit more background information on our heroes (heroines, whatever). My bet is that Eloin is secretly this princess that they say is dead! Am I close? ^_^ I guess I'll just have to read on, ne?
9/19/2004 c1 Kitzophrenic
Ah, a series of fics, eh? This is the author of 'Project Goddess' (you reviewed a while ago ^_^ Many thankings!) so I decided to check out what you have here. Why is it so short? :( It ends too soon for my tastes (but then I write annoyingly long chapters, so it could just be me) and I wish the paragraphs were spaced out a little more. Easier to read. ^^
It's good that you've introduced so many characters in the first chap, it helps hook the reader more. But alas, I have more chapters to read! Onward!
6/26/2004 c4 Xerro
I've given up hope on naming my chapters as i always name them something crap, so i don't think i'll be the one to do the suggesting. Anyway the chapter was cool and well written, although i really do think you should include descriptions in the story, but i guess it's up to you.
6/25/2004 c4 13Kali Akotor
Thank you all TT_TT!
Clori and Capice: can i combine your chapter sugestions for one Uber title? thanks and yeah I know that was gross but I had to get the point across...will be e-mailing th fatefulls with good news...thanks bye!
(( again I appologise for the reveiw thingy author ... but I needed to do that...))
6/25/2004 c4 Clori
His fat RIPPLED?
Why don't you just call the chapter 'Revenge'?
Maybe 'Developments'?
Keep writing; you know you can't let us all down.
6/25/2004 c4 Caprice Legerdemain
yah, it be me. um... -ahem-
Chapter title(s):
Fall of the False King
Broken Bone, Broken Reign
The Princess Returns
Yeah, they ARE somewhat lame, but...hey. I try. *shrugs* Tell me if any of them are any good. *wanders off*
6/24/2004 c1 131forgotten-magick
(ha- i'm reviewing. naa.)
very intreging. Eloin seems rather annoying, but Arwin is awesome. i am very interested in Akotor.
just some constructive critisim: watch your spelling and format. i'm not sure if you meant to spell "Wolves" without an "e", but if you didn't then you might want to be careful of that in the future. i also saw a few other spelling mistakes, nothing spellcheck should miss.
on the whole, bloody good show, keep it up.
(and now i go to r&r the next chapter.)
6/3/2004 c3 Xerro
Hi! You've reviewed a couple of my stories, and while i did review your Ballad of the fated that was only a one chapter story. So i've decided to come along and review this one. Guess what. I like it, it reminded me a lot of game i played, i haven't got a clue as to what the game was called though. I especially like the character Akotor, he seems pretty cool, at least to me. Can i make one suggestion though. Can you say how much time has passed as i was surprised when it turned out a week had passed, at least i think Arwin said a week. Anyway the stories cool so when you update i'll be sure to review it again.
5/29/2004 c3 Clori
If you don't finish it, I'll go nuts.
This is GREAT. I saw the look of hatred in Char's eyes when he spoke with Eloin just now.
You manage to be descriptive wihout getting off track, like I used ot do ALL THE TIME in fifth grade.
U GO...ur a girl, right?
5/29/2004 c2 Clori
Great chapter!
I would think, however, that you could do with a little more detail when it comes to character looks, and maybe if you could clarify the sudden need for a king wanting to kill a bunch of weirdo princesses or whatever, that would be nice ;)
5/29/2004 c1 Clori
First chapter and I'm already hooked. It's kind of hard to follow at times, mainly because it's the first chapter, but I really think this story has potential.
YOu could do this for a living, if you REALLY wanted.
5/27/2004 c3 16Jasper Riddle
Ah, very nice. Very nice. Thanks for the reviews. ^.^ I like to repay the favor.
Okay. This works for me; maybe not for you, but it does for me. I write my stories before I post them, so that I can try to have regular updates. But whatever.
The story's really nice. I like it, but the paragraphs are a little long, and that makes it rather hard to find your spot if you lose it.
5/5/2004 c2 9A Crazy Elephant
again bravo. i believe a thrid chapter is required *wink wink*
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