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9/6/2004 c1 Allegretto
Very nice. You might be lucky enough to have me come back and read the rest... You found a nice balance where you kept up the action but also took time to describe some (I could use a little more of that, but this is the first chapter, so I'll let it slide). My sole advice (useless, since it's complete) would be to take it slow on the four slaves. I have a feeling they each have a distinctive personality, but four is too much to absorb all at once. Otherwise, I liked it.
8/4/2004 c15 21bunnyrabbit228
Thanks a lot for anwsering all of my questions it explained a lot. I really just wanted to take the time to once again tell you how wonderful your work is. I have to say I truly enjoyed your work.
8/3/2004 c14 bunnyrabbit228
Terfic I have a couple of questions lingering though. Did Shala and Emrah get maried and what about shala's intended. Also where did all the souls go to and what hapened to Emrah's mothers and Cari? Just some questions. However I would like to thank-you for allowing me to read such a masterpiece for free and I encourage you to go to a publisher with your work. As the line goes "Here's looking at you kid!"
8/3/2004 c13 bunnyrabbit228
Sorry I haven't revwed but I was on vacation for two weeks and then my computer up and died so I fought off my brother to get on to the internet. Anyway your story is marvelous. I have to say I am sorry to see it come to end.
7/7/2004 c12 bunnyrabbit228
This chapter truly caught me. I was just amazed at how truly wonderful a writer you are. I starting crying because I could feel Emrah breaking down at the sight of children killing others and seeing such terible evil. Your pen is one of the most powerful I have seen yet. Great job and I hope to see more soon.
P.S. Was that refering to the civil war or was it just any war in paticular?
7/6/2004 c11 bunnyrabbit228
It seems like every time I read a new chapter I can't wait for the next one. Have you ever cosidered sending your stuff to a publishing company. Your writting makes me feel like I am inside thier world, and I can honsetly say it rivels any novel I have ever read. Thank you for your review on my poem I really appericiate it. And I hope to see more of your story soon.
7/5/2004 c10 bunnyrabbit228
I really enjoyed this chapter. Overall the story is great, and I hope to see more in the future.
7/2/2004 c9 bunnyrabbit228
This story is truly excellent. However it seems that in this last chapter you have reposted the previous chapter instead of posting a new one. aside from that the plot is incredible and the story itself is brillant. I hope to see more soon.
5/2/2004 c1 penandpaper316
yea... this one is really great, i enjoyed it even though i read just the first chapter. the authors style is easy to read and extremely descriptive. i love the writing and the story itself is great. i can't wait to see the story unfold!
5/2/2004 c2 5shakespeareinlove86
This story is very interesting. You have done a good job with the plot. Cant wait to read more!
5/1/2004 c1 2Amor Vincit Omnia
I'm VERY impressed. Your story (chapter really) is impressive. Did I mention I was impressed by your impressive story? :P
Good job on the story, I enjoyed it. Update soon, eh? Bye-bye!
-Amor Vincit Omnia-
Love Conquers All Things
5/1/2004 c1 Raisinous Fiendling
hm...pretty awesome start:D will you reveal the prophecy anytime soon?

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