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10/10/2005 c1 Junky Punk Cliche
That was very powerful, and well writen. Another talented, dark author. I love this path I've taken.

See, I started out by reading a poem, and then reviewed. Then I click on the author of one review, then review theirs, and click on an author of one of their reviews...

Quite nice actually.

Well, anyway, gotta run,


8/1/2005 c1 5Rainbow Fingers
This. . .This is beatiful, inspiring, passionate, original, creative, and just a wonderful read. I really loved it. I like the whole parenthesises on certain words, it added more emotion, made it more clear in a sense. Fantastic.
4/10/2005 c1 40SilverSpinner
I can't begin to explain how morbidly, wonderfully, unbelievably, strangely, incredibly great this poem is.
2/6/2005 c1 xurbandecayx
Funny how things never change- In any case; reminds me of the film "Party Monster" I'm sure you've seen it...Anyways, hopefully life is treating you well, take care. Anna x
10/22/2004 c1 68this is britt
much more graphic than anything I usually read. but that's not a bad thing, not in the least. it's just all the more visual and I am a bit of a visualist.
7/28/2004 c1 jack c. weller
Perfect settings, choice and manipulation of words
7/20/2004 c1 Made in U.S.A
This is amazing. Keep writing :D
7/17/2004 c1 234CowGirl1987x2006
wow... amazin'... u are GREAT.
5/5/2004 c1 72Magnificent Moi
Beautiful! Excellent play on words.
5/2/2004 c1 21NatashaRostof
...If I said what I wanted to say, I'd probably be told to be a dear and shut up, again. ;)
But this is Amazing, truly. I love how you work rhythms into it to give it just a...really cool flow. There just aren't words.
5/2/2004 c1 64freeyourself
awesome poem, i liked how you wrote it

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