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12/20/2010 c1 Jose7

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12/5/2005 c1 4DarkEpiphany
Captivating.. breathtaking... and really long. I love it all I read the other chapters so don't think I jus reviewed the first and left.
5/13/2005 c3 xox-hugskisses
I hope u make the other stroy soon.
5/13/2005 c1 xox-hugskisses
I love this story I can't wait to read the other ones. But it well take me two days or one to read it all if u write it like the first one but I well still read them and I well write something too.
1/12/2005 c1 Morg
I like it. I like it. I like it.
5/25/2004 c5 7Valkyrie
Extend extend extend extend! And if you get another vampire fic up please let me know. This is great so far and if it carries on then i know it can only get better ^_^ Hope to see more from you, since your writing is nice and sharp, well-worded
5/25/2004 c4 Valkyrie
Oh, the conclusion! I can't wait to read it. This has been a fantastic fic so far and i hope the last chapter's just as good ^_^ This chapter was really good and it was sweet too.
5/25/2004 c3 Valkyrie
It's interesting that Adriana knows Brasidus, even if it was a hunter/vampire relationship. Off to the next chapter! Can't wait to read it.
5/25/2004 c2 Valkyrie
Yay, he found Calypsa! Hope Brasidus doesn't do anything to the city while Aubrey's gone. Great chapter!
5/25/2004 c1 13DeathsDragon
well, I've read the first chapter and I think it's pretty cool. you need to put a bit in about how and why he last his master, but that might be found later. ^_^
well I got to go to bed right now *blush* but I promise I will read this once i come on line again! ^_^
Lilith Black. XX
5/25/2004 c1 7Valkyrie
You asked me to read, and i did. And man oh man am i glad i did. This is awesome! I really got into it, it was almost like i was sucked into the story somehow. Really involving and a fantastic read so far ^_^
5/25/2004 c5 12Deluded Dreams
Very very good! I have a question to ask you. I am working on a book but I am stuck. You seem to capture the arragance propertory attitude of a vampire focused on someone very well. When I get stuck I gather some friends to rp it out would you be intrested? If not I understand.
5/23/2004 c5 26Nickolaus Pacione
Impressive short story you got going here. Speaking as a horror writer you did a descent job of this one. I waited until I read all the chapters to do the review. I don't know how I can begin this comment, but you worked really hard on this story and take a bow. You earned it.
5/16/2004 c4 Nickolaus Pacione
You did a good job presenting this story and thought I would comment on each chapter here in one review instead of you getting more than one review on each chapter. I liked the feel you got going here, reminded me of Bram Stoker when you got the first chapter off the ground. It builds up the horror. Chapter two is one that builds the suspense. Then that brings me to the current chapters. They remind me of my buddy Joseph Armstead's story, Nightblooded. You got a story here that hands the crap out of anything Anne Rice or Poppy Z. Brite had written - I felt their asses get handed to in this story.
5/10/2004 c2 47Saiai
Hey you! Keep up the good work. This is forming to be an awesome story so get the next chapter out ASAP!
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