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7/25/2006 c5 S. Tori
The word you are looking for - the one that isn't couch - it's "BOOTH", I think. People always ask if you want to have a table with chairs or sit at a booth. ^_^ Just thought I'd let you know, in case someone else hadn't already. ^^
11/17/2005 c18 28Hate In The Form Of Passion
Aww! Cute ending! I loved it!
11/17/2005 c15 Hate In The Form Of Passion
11/17/2005 c10 Hate In The Form Of Passion
The oral scene between Takashi and Jiro was so hot! I can't believe this was your FIRST yaoi fic!
11/17/2005 c5 Hate In The Form Of Passion
WOAH! This was your first yaoi story! IMPOSSIBLE! I love the plot! Well, you know the deal. Review every five chapters. LOVE THIS STORY!
3/29/2005 c18 2Shimisaki-kun
Wow, I got mentioned! *does a happy dance*

I'm sorry it took so long for me to review this, but I actually kinda forgot... even thouh it's on my favorites list...

I'm glad everything worked out, and I'm gonna keep an eye out for your other stories, too.

/ Tadashi Shimisaki
2/8/2005 c18 4Property of Hiei
very nice. i enjoyed it truly. a nicely-written,-though-there-may-have-been-a-few-parts story.lol. hope to read your other work, tho i think i have already.^_^
2/7/2005 c7 White Sakura
Continue. Your story is not bad. ^^ It's good actually. ... blo~~
1/28/2005 c1 FHVBB
1/20/2005 c18 Crazy-Word-Painter
The end? Oh, dammit, now what will I do with my life? Lol, you promise to write more stories? Okay, then, I'll read... I'm reading...Oh, wow, I think I'm going to cry. Happy ending. I actually am crying! I'm going to miss this so much! I know, I know, SEQUEL! Or just keep writing... yeah, how about you DON'T actually end it? Come on, I'm dying here!This was an awesome story. A sort of guilty pleasure, heh heh. If anyone knew I was reading this... let's just say, they wouldn't believe it. I'll probably never read another story like this, unless it's by YOU. You seriously rock more than rocks! Okay, well, I'm going to go read it all over again. It's the only thing I can think of to do. Thank you for writing this!My kitten! -grabs him and runs away-
1/18/2005 c18 10Green Forest
Umm, can you do that? End it there? It feels like the twilight zone, almost, minus the science fiction. Anyways you better write more stories, and there should be one about Jen. Good job.
1/18/2005 c18 Sasha L. Miller
it's a nice ending, i like it, so sweet. the whole story was nice, i can't wait to see what you come out with next.
1/18/2005 c18 Olena
It can't be over yet! MORE! Me wants Jiro and Kenji and Izumi! So yea, wite the their own stories^^ You know Ilove your stuff, you're funny, girl!
1/17/2005 c17 14sb1
This is coming along so well! So many interesting characters, I can never manage more than one or two and you have such a great crew here! I'm glad Izumi is getting his own story, I look forward to reading it!
12/18/2004 c1 6Starlite Nightfall
sry, forgot to ask you if you could PLEASE maybe..umm...send me a picture? I WOULD APPRECIATE IT! *smiles stoopidly* um, anything else? OH YEAH! I LOvEDthe Kitten bit..that was grand..huhuhu
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