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3/16/2007 c24 Dissapointed
When I started reading this story, I thought it had potential. Then I got halfway through and realized nothing had happened. This story would be much better if it wasn't so long. Also, I felt as if you were trying too hard to be poetic. It came off as a bit pretentious, and the copious grammatical errors detracted from any literary merit. Your characters need to stop being so snobby and treating Deca like a stupid, fragile infant. But nice try.
12/11/2004 c4 myno
you are an exceptional writer. This is the best piece of fiction I've read on this site for a very long time. You have obviously taken the time to think through the plot and edit the story to make it flow, which makes reading it all the more enjoyable.
9/9/2004 c24 23vintage fade
Oh, that was such a good story... You wrote it so well, other than the misspelled words, which I began to pay no heed to. It tells of real life, what happens,who people are. I would really like to talk to you, for some reason. I love the style of writing in this, though sometimes it was confusing to understand who's POV it was, and if it was supposed to be told as a narrator would tell... So if you could e-mail me, my e-mail is on my page thing, whatever you want to call it. Wonderful, great, amazing, story. I loved it so much.
much love
Vintage Fade
8/3/2004 c1 Mahagony
it was me who reviewed u. the only reason i'm sayin this is cause i was recently reading sm1 elses story and i was by chance lookin through their reviews and saw ur name, it sounded familiar so i clicked on ur name and this story appeared. i remembered it and figured to answer ur question...that's if u still care.lol.
7/12/2004 c24 YouMakeMe-Break
oh, and as for who i think you are... id say that you being the narrator would be a bit too obvious, and from what i can gather(which isnt a whole lot lol) id say youre Deca, am i right?
7/12/2004 c1 YouMakeMe-Break
absolutely astounding. i think i have the random list to thank for finding this gem. its so poetically written i cant help but envy you. i was totally enthralled from begining to end, eagerly switching the chapters. after finishing this review i will have to check out its sister story. which i bet is of equal level.
6/13/2004 c23 Mahagony
i really liked this. it's so poetic and i personally thought it was pretty deep, idk if u wanted ppl 2 think so much w/ this story but i did...wat exactly happened to Deca?
5/29/2004 c21 vampyre-night
It sounds a bit like she's cutting herself. And I think it's Deca in the italics...am I right?
5/26/2004 c22 vampyre-night
I love it. You're a really talented writer. Its indescribable.
5/24/2004 c3 S Beth
Wow. Astounding. It is so rare that one stumbles across a piece of writing as beautiful as this. Your words sparkle and dance. Your writing is wonderful, the way you weave the words together seems so flawless. The emotion conveyed is very powerful, and I'm just blown away by the writing. Absolutely amazing, let me say again.
-S Beth (love the theatre parts, since I spend a lot of my time in school there...)
5/24/2004 c4 11Star Song1
oh by the way, labyrinth rocks! you need to get the dvd and watch the making of documentary.
5/24/2004 c3 Star Song1
This story is amazing, I can't believe you have so few reviews. The writing is so much more mature than most of the See Jane Runned stuff I usually find here, and you have a wonderful talent for finding just the right way to describe any situation. You might want to find a beta reader, though, because the small typographical mistakes sometimes take away from the story and confuse the reader. Other than that, great job.
5/12/2004 c10 5aiur
loved your summary; it was awfully obscure. great writing there. and the whole style of writing in this is totally different from what usually gets put up on this site. it's like chapters of reflections ... really cool, and very well written, i have to say. so good job!
5/12/2004 c10 3sailawayfromhere
It's starting to get a little repetive so my only suggestion is try to add something new in the story. So far, I lvoe it though and I'm looking forward to more. I really like the italic parts... they're beautifully written
5/12/2004 c1 sailawayfromhere
I love this. I love your writing style and how you casually summarize everything but in a waythat keeps the readers attentive. Awesome job.
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