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for Cold

11/1/2005 c1 7midnightdream-5
wow i thought this poem was really good mainly because it was different and i like different! check out my story vampires at war you might like it - i hope!
11/9/2004 c1 Adrie
E heh heh heh! :P I totally feel my horny side coming out. sexy poem! i don't know why.. maybe the desperation and unfinished sentences? :P lolz!
9/2/2004 c1 Makisha Korian
That's really sad, but I liked it.
9/1/2004 c1 11Whispers of the Lost
Wow. This is amazing! I like this style... it really makes you think. Awesome job!
5/31/2004 c1 Shannon
if they new you, they would know how very true this is.
5/25/2004 c1 Deathscythe's sister
awesome! i liked how you started and as you went along. great choice of words. i love the ending...those are always the best.
5/7/2004 c1 47Saiai
Aw that's so sad. And here I was thinking "Hey, this is going to end happy" and it didn't. I like it that way! Nice choice of words and great emotion as well.

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