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for The Hellbringer Chronicles

6/25/2004 c4 el schmoop
Who is she, goddamn?
I am loving it so far.
5/27/2004 c4 imconfoosed
Wow...that was awesome! ^-^ I love this story, and I hope u update soon! Keep it up! wOOt. ^-^
5/13/2004 c4 grundoon
Very good. I like your mix of more formal diction (alas, whilst, etc) and more, uh, candid dialogue :). An interesting look at sanity and identity thus far; I hope you continue it.
I think there might be a few typoes at the end of Ch.2—the sentence "Alone - Alone, and no one will see your hair either, dear, or your filthy appearance so please just cease being a useless twit) remains a mystery" confused me, but otherwise your choice to use captials, parentheses, and such is effective.
5/13/2004 c1 20HannahMarieWillow
Intruiging like it so far
5/11/2004 c3 ming
no! you cannot leave me in suspense like this! br... nice description of that spider, and you have a lot of very good ideas *thumbs up, people!* hurry with the next chappie!
5/9/2004 c2 2mushroom-hunter-d
hey there,
a very nice, claustrophobic story so far.
i noticed a couple spelling errors, eg, RANDSOME, but nothing major.
i'm very curious as to where this is going, you give out information so sparingly ^^
- [)
5/9/2004 c2 1AlleyNitter122183
Aw! Come now! Don't leave it there! lol Write more! *loves your story* :-) Hope you write more soon!

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