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for Dancing With Teachers

6/9/2007 c1 6James Armstead
I liked this little piece - it's rhythm is stately. like the dances it describes, but there seems to be that hint of awkwardness in there that echoes the feelings and movements of the young dancers too. Very nicely done!
6/29/2005 c1 22Cinderblock
wow! You immortalize the inner angst of school dances. Bittersweet and funny.
5/10/2004 c1 Shadsie
Aw... bittersweet, and very true to pre-teen life (if, like me, you were one of the nerds whom many people were). I liked this.
5/10/2004 c1 rd-kittykat
Really nice, I like it very much.This one is going in my favorites. Keep writing.
5/9/2004 c1 22theoneyouknow
wow this is good! sounds like my life keep writing

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