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9/9/2005 c19 2eve-maiden
i love this story!
2/22/2005 c19 6Pigment of Your Imagination
who's she gonna pick? Braden or TJ? u can almost hear the jeopardy music in the background..haha ^^

11/29/2004 c18 Pigment of Your Imagination
aw. that's so sweet. TJ and nate seem like such sweet guys. I've been drooling over them throughout these chapters. haha. hope u write soon, cause it's worth it! :P

11/28/2004 c16 Pigment of Your Imagination
that was really cute! i read it the whole way through! ^^

11/28/2004 c18 ashley
aw... TJ said he loved her... aww... But how sad with NAte and Mandy.. They'd be so cute.. aw.. I hope they end up together eventually!
10/2/2004 c17 lace0407
that was awesomeb ..that waa def..a smiley chap..cant wait to read the next !
9/28/2004 c16 lace0407
that was awesome .. i cant wait to find out what nate and mandys plan is .. WEll PLease PLEASE UPDATE SOON
9/27/2004 c15 Ashley
YAY! okay, well I'm glad TJ tried to make things better... at least he's not being a bung hole anymore... Oh my, I can't believe Shane kissed her... ( I almost forgot who that was though...) Oh yay! Okay update soon!
9/20/2004 c14 2eve-maiden
awesome chappie! Can't wait for the next one update soon!
9/19/2004 c14 ashley
Aw.. Poor Charlie... She should wait till she's back to minnesota... there's some cute boys there, and apperently one of them LOVES her :). But can they at least be freinds, her and TJ? Becasue if Charlie and Braden start dating, Charlie will need a new person to talk to and that person could be TJ! Okay, I'm just making stuff up here... Love this story! Keep writting!
9/18/2004 c13 1Akai Tsuki
Nice story! Is it already over? If it is, you left me at a cliffy! Oh well, I like Charlie. Is she going to end up with Braden or TJ or Shane? I know I'm not supposed to ask these things, but I'm way too curious!
9/13/2004 c13 2eve-maiden
awesomist! CAn't wait for you to update, please update soon!
9/13/2004 c13 Lac0704
Wow that was a really good chapter .. i cant wait to find out about tj tho.I cant wait for the next chapter .. this story is great .. keep writing please !
9/13/2004 c13 ashley
First of all... YAY YOU WROTE THE STORY!
I can't believe Charlie woould read one of those books...WOW
I still want Charlie and TJ to make up, Even if they just become friends after that, I still want them to start talking again... (FRED IS SO HOT)
Aw... Braden loves her, how sweet... I think Mandy should learn from Braden, DON"T RUN FROM YOUR FEELINGS
Okay, now WRITE MORE!
8/21/2004 c12 Lace0407
Omg this story is awesome .. i hope you add another chapter.. please please please update soon very soon .. i love this story !
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