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for Eulogy for the Joyous

5/25/2004 c1 22MagenDavid
Speechless. I'm just speechless.
You have depicted a writers wants and hopes in a piece that has caused me to lose my breath. (It's a good thing I don't have to SAY these things to you...)
5/12/2004 c1 38Lady Patriot
My limited vocabulary prevents me from fully describing the power of this piece. In just a few paragraphs, you have said what takes me pages to say - and even then, I still say it poorly.
There is no better way to touch the hearts and minds of untold numbers of people than by putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. It cannot be said enough that the ultimate power lies truly with those who wield the pen, rather than the sword.
A good writer strives not for herself, but for her audience - those for whom she writes - for it is they who will remember her work long after she puts aside the pen.
I don't usually submit reviews, but this piece more than deserves a review from me. It's a very well-written and thoughtful piece. My deepest gratitude for allowing us to read it.
~Lady Patriot
5/12/2004 c1 59wilderness
that was...incredible! i dont know wat to say! that was so touching and so unbelievably true!
thank you for putting my thoughts into a beautiful piece of writting
5/10/2004 c1 37Sunflower Philosophy
*catches her breath*
That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read and you know, that is not to be taken lightly. I may hand out free sunflowers, but not free compliments of that magnitude...
In this piece, you have written out the story of my life, of your life, of the life of every true writer on this planet. You have described our yearning to touch other's lives, to touch other's hearts... the power in words that we gently release on paper or on a screen as we bead them together. I have often thought of what would happen if I died tomorrow, and how those I touched will weep in sadness but it will be wrong. They'll never know how happy I am and how happy I would be. For that precise purpose I have a letter written on my computer, only to be opened if something happens, to explain to them that they should be sad for themselves if they want, but not for me.
Your writing absolutely sings. This is going on my favorites- another thing not to be taken lightly. I don't put just anything up there.
Putting what this piece means to me into words is squishing it into a tiny box and locking it.
m~* Sunflower, anyone?
5/9/2004 c1 17zenmeow
**Do I know a person's work 'you' need to read! :-D Look for "Seraphim of the Dark Moon".**
You have excellent imagry! The point being put across sticks to the mind and stays... *nods*... you truly bring to light the need for balance.
I love this piece! The euology itself- very good! Keep writing! :-)

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