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8/20/2004 c2 17Laisse Beton
I like where this is going, I think. I like this kind of journey inside a person's head, with all the twisting and the feelings and the past intermingling with the present. I love your writing, of course, and this one's a little different from the others I think. It feels more like someone having ten thousand thoughts and feelings in a net and accidentally letting one or two fall out as she goes along. Really nice.
5/31/2004 c1 31amdespot
this is really intriguing! you have such a distinct, original, nostalgic style. i could read your words all day...
5/12/2004 c2 Just Wolf
the pandora iamge was beautiful, and the ideas around her name, too. that was just sos ad and powerful and bittersweet. i loved th eiamge at the end.
and i like coco, too.
i can't wait for more of this!
5/12/2004 c1 Just Wolf
i loved the descriptions. this was differently written to most of your other things, but i liked it anyway. your descriptions were more intimate, more savvy, and the ideas you used were very gritty and honest. i loved the last sentance espacially - it was an incredible iamge, all strangth and power and light.
i thoguht the chocolate cigeratte thing was a great idea, especially that lemon would just send people off to get them because she liked them to do things from her. that's so real, because so many people do thigns like that.
and you got a very deffinite impression of lemon, and a havy image of prickle, too.

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