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4/11/2005 c3 retoxrainbow
Adriel is crazy! he seems cool tho, but Devon is still my favorite.
4/11/2005 c2 retoxrainbow
Adriel told on him! lol. Jack the Ripper is a realy good book! Devon is awesome!
4/11/2005 c1 retoxrainbow
haha Devon's such a hypocrite!
4/10/2005 c17 dyers-eve
Update very soon or i may just die. You rock dude, please, please update x
4/10/2005 c17 3sassw14
very cool. i wonder what the lie is...
4/6/2005 c17 fighting my sanity
O.o interesting. continue... hah. Devon and his swearing. update when you can. : )
4/6/2005 c17 1sunshine dreams
I can't wait to find out what happens next. And Devon's quite the asshole, but he's also totally likeable. Adriel's a little pathetic, but it's really sweet how persistent he seems to be...Great writing!
4/6/2005 c17 redredredred
cute! ^_^ update soon
4/6/2005 c17 SatisfyAnEmptyInside
Meh. I don't whether to be happy they're talking and semi-okay now, or sad because I wanted to see Devon suffer a bit. Lol. Either way, it was really good. The end was amusing. Hope you continue SOON.
4/6/2005 c17 LooseNativeMoose
so glad they sort of worked things out! Loved Chris's solution to making him apologise
4/6/2005 c17 16d'Neronique
I adore this story with a thousands... adores. I think I'm having an unrequited love affair with this story, because I'm not feeling loved back by it. Oh, yes, yes. I know. I'll get over it...
4/6/2005 c17 16AppLEaves
YEAH! Finally the bond back again!

Sorry, I'm just ecstatic from being bored off my ass from the holidays. Anyway, I was waiting for SO long for the chapter. But it was worth the torturous wait.

I like Devon. Don't try to make him less assholic, even if the other reviewers say so.


4/5/2005 c17 Kazza2085
Whats the lie again?

Heh he cant go 5 minutes without swearing but Adriel cheated
4/5/2005 c1 1sunshine dreams
Whoo! I love your story already! And I've only read one chapter, which is as far as I'm going to get tonight unless I'm willing to risk getting grounded off the computer for a week at least...and while your story's fascinating, it's not that good. No offense, since almost nothing's that good. But I'll be back! You're going on my Favorite Authors list for sure!

and yes...I'm just a little hyper tonight...^^
4/5/2005 c17 41Stefen
Cool cool chapter. I still like Adriel. :-) Update!
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