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12/3/2004 c12 96Liebe Sasa
Of course it's him. :) It all makes perfect sense.

Funny how this was updated right after my last review.

12/3/2004 c11 Liebe Sasa
Hm... Interesting.

11/15/2004 c11 41jbchick84
Hey this story is really good. Please update soon!
11/14/2004 c11 2Dream Fox
i really like this story...the Devon's a really fun character and seems like the real rebellious type, not any of those players. i hope his admierer ends up being Adriel
11/12/2004 c11 fighting my sanity
stupid FF.NET wouldn't let me get to your stuff until today so I'm happy that it's finally letting me ^_^
*shuffles off to read more sht00f* update when you can!
11/8/2004 c11 emily
good good
11/8/2004 c11 2subtleline
Man do I luv Adriel! Not sure y but I do. I luv the strange ones. Please let him b the secret admirer and let them get together! *hands clasped* please! please! please! please! Well *gathers some dignity* I also just adore our sweet 'damsel'. So cute. I was afraid that he was a possible love interest but *relieved sigh*. He'll b a very good and useful friend. I can tell. Luv his attitude! So keep this baby coming. Its goin b fun to see how the relationship progresses. Update soon...PLEASE! *grins*
11/4/2004 c11 41Stefen
Nice chapter. I want them to get together already! Update!
11/4/2004 c11 3setokaba
update soon, this is such a cool story!
11/4/2004 c11 49Endowment's Seraph
hmm, iteresting. this is great and write more when you want, can't wait to read it
11/4/2004 c11 galene
cool story ^_^
Adriel is really intriguing
11/4/2004 c11 25Esquirella
I want more of this one. Adriel is compelling! Devon isn't the only one wondering about him. And I love Chris. He's so freakin' cute! Ezra's an interesting addition, too. MORE! (Please?)
11/4/2004 c11 8Kazza2085
Awesome chapter! I sense tension (of a good kind) forming between our two locker buddies
11/3/2004 c11 Jiro
Devon is such a little bitch. I love him! Seriously, he's awesome! I'm especially glad Christopher isn't the secret admirer. I want Devon and Adrial to hook up. He's even weirder than Devon is... in his own strange way. Can't wait to read more. Hopefully the next chapter will be longer (nudge, nudge)
Just so you know, I've read 'Remember' but I don't think FP would let me post a review. It was fantastic. I really hope you continue it. Very interesting.
10/31/2004 c10 Kazza2085
Hey its a good story, great chapteries etc... Its Adriel who's doing the letters aye! Its gotta be!
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