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9/8/2006 c19 8Qryous
I like it. I like it. Short and not all that complicated, yet it doesn't seem rushed at all. I can't seem to do that...^^ Update soon!
9/8/2006 c15 Neverrightneverperfectr
Ouch, someone's gonna wince... .
9/8/2006 c13 Neverrightneverperfectr
Yeah, I hate questions too, cause I'm never right.
8/14/2006 c19 5kimper
This is going along very nicely. I can't wait to see more :)
8/13/2006 c19 4Spawn of Hell
Wow, this is freakin amazing. i love it. the way you write, your characters, the way everything doesnt just fall into place, the way devon retains his bitchiness and essential nature. its realistic. im really looking forward to reading more but the date beside the last update mention tells me theres not much hope. how come? at least youre not dead... so its not like its hopeless. i might check out some of your other stories, see if theyre as good as this one. review you again when i do!
8/5/2006 c19 BreathingFlames
Gak...don't tell me it's over. It's not over. It can't be over. You just haven't finished it...and you will. Eventually. Right? Please? With a cherry on top? *beg*
7/28/2006 c19 4Mewenn
Will you write more? I really hope so. And I like those too. You seems to have a cruch on cynical people. Well hope to read more of it one day.
7/21/2006 c19 4kawaii-kitsune-thief
GAH! I'm about to develope a cursing problem that would put Devon's to shame! I want to know what happens next. And by the way, I love Christopher. Even though you haven't completely developed him yet it's easy to get a sense for what he's like.
5/19/2006 c19 17Cattails
And Adriel to the rescue! With weeding! Oh, look, they're getting along! Hehe. Hope this gets updated someday...I'd like to read the end! Either way, I love this story.

5/19/2006 c18 Cattails
...and now they're plotting. Really, everyone's out to get him!

5/19/2006 c17 Cattails
Awesome quote! Well, looks like Adriel's forgiven him! Still waiting for the revenge... Eek, Christopher really IS scary!

5/19/2006 c16 Cattails
Ouch, that was harsh. His nice side is almost worse than his cynical side! Now, there's a scary concept...

5/19/2006 c15 Cattails
So glad that the next chapter's already up! Adriel's in for it now...

5/19/2006 c14 Cattails
Ah, Christopher and Ezra are adorable. I'm surprised Adriel can act so normal! So...what is his motive? Is it lurve? I still want to know what his revenge is...

5/19/2006 c13 Cattails
Kinda relieved, really. I thought Devon was softening up too much... But now he's fine! Ah, what a jerk. And has a new conflict to resolve...hehe. So Adriel's a fish, eh? He'd better avoid French chefs...

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