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5/19/2006 c12 17Cattails
Yay! My first guess was right! I feel so proud...heh heh.

5/19/2006 c11 Cattails
Aw, a new couple! Cute~ Finally, Devon writes back! Bout time. Will we ever find out who's leaving the notes...? I've run out of guesses...

5/18/2006 c10 Cattails
Gah, I give up guessing. Oh well! Eep, Christopher is scary...

5/18/2006 c9 Cattails
Okay, so it probably isn't Adriel. Maybe it's the kid in the bathroom? Eep, that eye comment is exactly the type of thing my friend says to me...

5/18/2006 c8 Cattails
I bet Adriel left that letter...I mean, who else could it be?

5/18/2006 c7 Cattails
Fuzzy bunnies never look the same after seeing Monty Python...

5/18/2006 c6 Cattails
Well, at least his foster parents seem cool! Eek, scary girl...

5/18/2006 c5 Cattails
Oh, don't anger the creepy boy! And hold a mirror around all corners from this point on...

5/18/2006 c4 Cattails
Yay! A bongo drum! Adriel really is nuts...

5/18/2006 c3 Cattails
Ah, Adriel...he's so awesome...I love that whole love affair with the locker thing.

5/18/2006 c2 Cattails
Bet it hasta do with that lock. Geez, what a crappy first day of school!

5/18/2006 c1 Cattails
Ah, he'll be fine. They both hate each other, so they should get along just fine! It's logical...

5/18/2006 c19 magalina
Hey, I dont know for how long you have been kepping this story on hold but I really liked it so Im waiting for your updates!Sorry for my horrible English...
4/28/2006 c19 28Hate In The Form Of Passion
GAH! You haven't updated in a while! I hate you so much! How dare you leave me hanging like that! I NEED YOU TO FINISH! CAUSE I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Hate hate hate you! Okay, kidding bout the hate stuff but I love this story!
4/28/2006 c16 Hate In The Form Of Passion
NO! I FEEL SO BAD FOR MY ADDY-BEAR! Why must Devvy be so cruel and sexy and hurt him like that! WHY!
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