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4/28/2006 c12 28Hate In The Form Of Passion
Wee! He finally knows that it's out Addy-bear! Wee! I love this story! Chrissy is so cute!
4/28/2006 c8 Hate In The Form Of Passion
LOL COF! Yeah. I love their song titles. They make me laugh. Especially when in concert and they pretend they're vampires. It's pretty sad. But I like the songs where he doesn't sing he's a horrible metal singer. And I'm a giant goth/dark/black metal fan.
4/28/2006 c4 Hate In The Form Of Passion
WEE! I love the characters they're so fucking awesome! I loved the beginning. Their first conversation was so characteristically delicous. ~.~ God I hate that face but it fits with my comment.

Anyways, I ABSOlUTELY LOVED the confessing for your locker thing that is something I would totally do!
3/15/2006 c11 98ShadowGal
Whee! New character, awkwardness in the forest, creepy pictures in art class, and mystery-what more can a girl ask for?
3/15/2006 c10 ShadowGal
Aww. Christopher is adorable, if somewhat creepy. Interesting chapter-I liked the letters this time, too. Whee! *goes to the next chapter*
3/15/2006 c9 ShadowGal
Okay. So letter-writer possibilities are Adriel, little-kid-in-the-bathroom (unlikely, but possible), or a mystery person yet to be introduced. I am not putting my money on any one option, because I really am clueless. *keeps reading to find out*
3/15/2006 c8 ShadowGal
Hmm. I'm actually a huge fan of Cradle of Filth... but only of their first two CDs. After that? Teh suckage, I'll admit it. *shrugs* I'll just pretend that you're basing the opinon on everything after their second album, and then I'll be perfectly happy so. *assumes away*

Good chater all around, though. I wonder if it's Adriel who put the letter inside the locker? Dunno who else it would be.
3/15/2006 c5 ShadowGal
You know, its repeated use throughout this story has made me realize that "creepy locker buddy" is one of the best phrases ever created. Seriously.
3/15/2006 c4 ShadowGal
Yup, yup, still adoring Adriel like crazy. Especially his "tobacco production funds the right-wing infrastructure" line-that was killer funny.
3/15/2006 c3 ShadowGal
Bah hah hah. I adore Adriel so far-this should be pretty interesting. *keeps reading*
2/19/2006 c19 1UnfortunateFortunate
Update soon! It's so awesome! I absolutely love Christopher, being a short munchkin myself. =)
1/31/2006 c19 2Jayn
Cool story. Please update! ^_^
12/29/2005 c19 HI
Is this story on hiatus? Have you lost interest? Writer's block?

It's caught my attention and refuses to leave me. So, please update...
12/13/2005 c8 CloverRock
Ok, haven't finished yet, just had to say THE WEAKERTANS ARE MY FAVOURITE BAND EVER!I was reading that passage, and I was like, "Omg, you're *kidding* me!"

Definitely the worlds most underappreciated group.
12/2/2005 c19 2Foxonfire
me likey! Devon's awsome, asshole though he may be, and Adriel is... awsome as well? heheh. o.o; UPDATE SON! please?
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