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11/23/2005 c19 5Yoyo-chan
I can't help but notice you haven't updated in over six months. Is this story dead?
11/11/2005 c19 fireworksinmybackpocket
BLOODY HELL THIS IS BRILLIANT! *laughs* update soon, i am hooked and... need my next fix? *confused* sorry, but this rocked so hard :D OH UPDATE!
10/16/2005 c19 6chocolatedemon
I love the whole thing! It probably doesn't hurt that i love to paint.It's definitely going on my favorites list.
10/14/2005 c2 4kamikaze-chick-minuet
10/7/2005 c19 Rachizzle
=[ Update this one! I loved it! Finish it please? =)
9/28/2005 c19 13Seraindipity
8/26/2005 c19 I Am The Bunny Slayer
Hahaha, man I hate creepy people who follow you.
8/19/2005 c19 5taeguk
Hahaha... I love the Weakerthans. Although I don't know which song that was. Oh well. And can I say how much I loe Devon's asshole-ness? :D
8/14/2005 c19 6mechante fille
Very nice story, I really like the characters! I like the names, too. Esp. Adriel... never heard it before. So, you seem to be taking the summer off from updating? Maybe? I sure hope you update soon. You got them together in a basement looking at art. There's got to be something good coming out of that. Or maybe soon after? Or perhaps much later. Eh, either way, I do hope to see more soonish!
8/13/2005 c19 nakoma
I LOVE this story, Devon is so daft! wake up man! can't wait to read more!
8/13/2005 c5 nakoma
"This is a frequent happening in the art class, so Mr. Flaky just gives a quick “be careful” and then goes back to getting the class started." lolI can picture that so clearly, Adriel in a heap on the floor and the teacher barely supprised... *giggles*

I'm loving this story so far, "aromatherapy appointments" *smirks*
8/13/2005 c19 3Sindri
Sweet. J'aime beaucoup. My French friends are rubbing off on me.

Update soon...-A fellow artist... Jamie
8/12/2005 c19 Ryoko3600
8/11/2005 c19 rectangular
nice. i like how the main character's a bastard. adriel's not feminine either, which is a huge plus point for this story. it's incredible how difficult people seem to find writing unsissy gay guys.
8/3/2005 c8 split-butterfly
I was planning on reading the rest before reveiwing, but I couldn't help but start cracking up at the Cradle of Filth comments. Two guys on bus asked me if I was going to their concert, and I ended up laughing at them and criticizing the band for, as you've also noticed, trying too hard and still sucking major suckage (the whole experience was odd considering I don't listen to metal...). It was quite amusing.

What I've read is uber-amusing too. I think I'll finish reading the rest now.
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