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8/1/2005 c19 1Stars and Ashes
I really like Devon as an asshole. He seems more fun that way.
7/27/2005 c19 2Gagging Angel
...any idea how addictive your writing is? I tried to stay away for a while - I did - but I couldn't resist coming back. Nice that a raving crazy person ending up chasing Devon to Adriel's house. This story tickles me.
7/26/2005 c19 22DeadlyPinkPuchu
^^ I love it. Write again soon.
7/17/2005 c19 1TechnicolorPants
I loved your story. I have a soft spot for cynical young boys, especially boys like Devon who tell their stories in their own perspective. This is weird, but I'd LOVE to marry Devon, even if he beats me to a fucking pulp like Sid and Nancy :p

Adriel is adorable. Half of the time I say this in my reviews, I don't really mean it, but this time:


Your writing style is like crack, so addicting..

Thanks. Love,taken.
7/14/2005 c19 Stracciare
YAY! I like it so far! Of course, you doesn't like slash with cynicism, eh? Nice character development to...
7/13/2005 c19 13bright realities
more! Oh damn, sorry. But I love this story and I can't remember the last update. I'm sure there's a reason, and I dont mean to sound as if I'm rushing you. Just please?

- Bright
7/8/2005 c19 6Goldensong
*grins* I like this lots...
6/26/2005 c19 4Angel-daquiri
AHAHGo write more! I am hanging off every word you SAY, girl! LOVE THIS STORY TO DEATH!
6/26/2005 c11 Angel-daquiri
oh, that gave me chills. Your my new fav. author, you know that? I love m/m, for the simple reason that it's unique. ^^ Can't wait to read the rest- your brilliant!
6/12/2005 c19 47Tate Soyker
this is such a funny story! I love it! There is a ton of funny things and the characters are really great! I love how Devon can't seem to see that he is an amazingly sarcastic and rude guy, but says that everyone else is bitchy. You've got a ton of talent, keep up the good work and update soon!-Tate-P.s. this one is definately going on my favorites!
6/6/2005 c19 Blutiger Tod
Err, is that the end? It's really...open.
6/5/2005 c2 Blutiger Tod
Odd place to review, I am aware, but I need to keep my place and I have to go. Good work.
5/27/2005 c19 8Shadowy Fluffball
5/22/2005 c19 Lelli
I love you. O.O...XD...Ok so maybe not..As for your writing skills, that's another story. Update soon! Please!
5/21/2005 c19 UPMBT
Sorry it took so long for me to review. Anyway, I thought this chapter was creepy... but I liked it of course. So please update soon!
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